IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender (WTX), Data Interchange (WDI) Consulting

REMEDI professional services resources have often served those with the IBM WebSphere products for EDI integration, namely Data Interchange and WebSphere Transformation Extender. These products have a long history in the marketplace as does REMEDI in serving clients with these unique transformation and mapping products. We have installed, configured, and deployed these products in conjunction with performing regular EDI integration and coordination duties required by our clients in conjunction with their trading partners.

WebSphere Transformation Extender is known by many names, and over the years has been owned by several companies prior to the product's acquisition by IBM. Some current/past AKAs include: WTX, DSTX, DataStage TX, DataStage Transformation Extender, WebSphere TX, Mercator, and Ascential DataStage TX. The mapping component of the product has been declared the "common mapper" playing a data transformation role across at least five different IBM products including Sterling B2B Integrator.

Our DI and WTX consulting / integration resources serve clients in an on-site, remote, or blended manner. As an IBM partner we can help you take advantage of features and capabilities of the full product line, train staff, develop and implement EDI integration solutions, and aid in managing your environment in a best practices manner.

Integration services for WebSphere products:

  • EDI, integration, and communications software - selection, acquisition, installation, configuration, upgrade, and conversion
  • Community management - coordination, partner testing, rapid on-boarding
  • Data exchange (AS2, EDIINT, FTP) - communications scripting, VAN connectivity
  • System review - audit, health check, performance tuning
  • Project planning - scoping, defining tasks, deliverables, and deadlines
  • Data analysis - requirements analysis, gap analysis
  • Interface development - pre/post processes, application program interface (API), mapping
  • Transformation Extender and Data Interchange support
  • Staffing and training
  • Outsourcing
  • Managed services

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