EDI Software and Services Financing

Adding new EDI or B2B software can often mean a large upfront investment. These projects are vital to the long-term health of every company. REMEDI—together with IBM Global Financing—can provide a customized financing and payment structure that can accelerate the implementation of the software solutions for organization needs today, while tempering the financial cost.

Why Finance B2B Software?

  • Turn larger upfront IT expenses into affordable periodic payments. •Helps overcome existing IT budget limitations.
  • Reduces total cost of operation and implementation with no interest. •Preserve cash flow for the organization.
  • No need to settle on only one project; free up funds to use on multiple crucial technology requirements.
  • 0% financing makes it easy to budget the software they need.
  • 0% Software financing over 12 months for credit-qualified clients on all new IBM software licenses
  • Completive rates available for 24 and 36 month payments
  • Applies to all software, systems and services up to $500k
  • Choose from flexible terms and payment options to match your budget, project, and revenue objectives

Click Here to download a complete list of financing options offered by IBM Global Financing.

Watch this explainer video about 0% financing with REMEDI and IBM Global Financing.

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