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IBM Messaging and Managed File Transfer (MFT) Consulting

Managed file transfer (MFT) refers to any number of software solutions that facilitate the secure transfer of data, from one computer or network to another. MFT makes moving large volumes of bulk data — between file servers, applications, or companies—possible. Managed File Transfer is a key component of any B2B integration infrastructure. As much time as an organization may spend formatting messages and designing integration business processes, the importance of message delivery tools, protocols, and processes is often overlooked or under weighted.

Often a break point in the business integration infrastructure, strengthening and securing the data exchange environment is a big part of our service to clients. This ensures businesses have reliable, audit-ready, connections with partners to move mission critical data across networks. REMEDI will also ensure that proper alerts and escalation processes are in place to give you peace-of-mind that your managed file transfer systems are fail-safe.

When combining solutions such as Sterling File Gateway (SFG), Sterling Control Center (SCC), Sterling Connect:Direct Advanced (C:D), and Sterling Secure Proxy (SSP), our vendor caliber MFT professionals, a vast array of favorable business outcomes result. Some of these outcomes include:

  • Rapid, template driven, logged, community on-boarding
  • Multi-protocol communications support
  • Role based, single point, centralized management and administration
  • Trading partner / application developer file status inquiry portal
  • Integration with B2B Integrator
  • Framework based and custom data flows
  • Multi-solution consolidation
  • Detailed setup and file process logging for audit, risk, compliance areas
  • SLA monitoring, problem reporting and escalation

IBM Messaging Products

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