CLEO Communications Solutions

For more than 10 years REMEDI has been a CLEO Communications partner offering software and managed file transfer consulting expertise for LexiCom, VLTrader, and other CLEO solutions.

This relationship allows REMEDI to provide reliable, secure data transfer software that enables our clients to easily establish and manage communications sessions, and easily integrate these solutions into their mission-critical applications.

CLEO solutions include:

  • Integration
  • Secure Internet communications
  • 3270/5250 mainframe and midrange connectivity
  • Data synchronization
  • Legacy 3780 connections

CLEOʼs products are proven in over 100,000 worldwide installations. Customers in the manufacturing, retail, IVR, healthcare, and financial services industries, among others, rely on their products and services to help them achieve complete automated data transfer solutions.


Premier Business Partner IBM.