Focus on growth and customers, not errors and backlogs.


REMEDI's Managed EDI Services can free internal IT teams from maintenance tasks and error resolution.


Which Companies Gain the Most from Engaging REMEDI?

With more than 25 years in business, we offer clients a wealth of expertise with critical business processes in a variety of industries and have the skills to assess which customers are likely to see the highest ROI:

Companies that have not outsourced EDI/integration functions before and are now considering it.


These customers may be struggling with fall out from trading partner backlogs, including increased costs and fines, diluted focus of core team, and customer complaints.

They may also be having broader difficulties with their B2B operations such as inability to scale and challenges around hiring, training, and managing technically qualified EDI specialists.

Companies who have outsourced all IT or EDI/integration staff and results are not meeting expectations and SLAs.


Frustrations for customers who fit this profile often include problems coordinating efforts across international time zones, persistent need to rework, and a lack of resources with role-specific experience and a basic understanding of client and industry business processes.

Companies who are considering outsourcing all IT functions to an outside firm including managed EDI/integration services.


Many companies successfully outsource their IT departments, including their EDI/EAI/MFT and ERP support functions. On the other hand, as cited in the previous example, some arrangements fall short of expectations.

The key is making sure the firm you’re going to trust with your order-to-cash engine is qualified to manage and maintain all its moving parts.

"I know we can be very demanding of our partners, but when we get a good one, we stick with them. REMEDI is a great partner." --- Nigel C., Owens Corning

Managed Integration Services from REMEDI



Integration applications maintained on your company's servers.



Integration applications kept on servers located in data centers(s).



EDI/EAI/ERP applications maintained and updated in the cloud.



Applications for EDI/EAI/ERP systems maintained in two or more places.

Some of our Managed Services Customers

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