The Alternative to Outsourced EDI

Remedi managed EDI services is a simple, flexible alternative to traditional outsourcing that offers staffing agility and the comfort that comes from proven EDI consultants managing your integration environment.

How Do Managed EDI Services Work at Remedi?

While outsourced EDI can deliver savings, many organizations report disappointing support, lack of promised expertise, and negative business impacts including onboarding delays, SLA fines, and lost customers.

Remedi’s proven business analysts, developers, and mappers are qualified to perform a range of EDI services including software updates, error tracing and resolution, onboarding, map updates, and all related coordination and communication.

Under our model, your business owns your B2B integration solution, and we operate it for you. 

This means you maintain in-house control of your EDI system and order to cash cycle while keeping your staff nimble, flexible, and able to focus on other priorities.

Read these real world use cases to see how managed EDI services from Remedi can help your team be more efficient and your organization be more competitive in today’s integrated digital economy.

Remedi Managed EDI Services Options

On Premises

On Premises

Integration applications maintained on your company's servers.



Integration applications kept on servers located in data centers(s).



EDI/EAI/ERP applications maintained and updated in the cloud.



Applications for EDI/EAI/ERP systems maintained in two or more places.

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“Adopting a Managed Integration Services Mindset” shows you how Remedi’s managed EDI services model can help you achieve your integration goals and manage your staffing costs—while retaining control of your integration environment and order-to-cash processes.

"I know we can be very demanding of our partners, but when we get a good one, we stick with them. Remedi is a great partner." --- Nigel C., Owens Corning

Companies That Use Remedi Managed EDI Services

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