Managed Integration and EDI Services

Customers in all industries partner with Remedi to help accelerate their path to modern integration and deliver visibility, cost savings, and a better customer experience.


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What are Managed Integration Services?

At Remedi, because we provide EDI, MFT, EAI, and API consultants and solutions that support B2B integration, we define our model as managed integration services. 

Under our model, your business owns or rents your B2B integration solution, and we operate it for you with services that range from system assessment and architecture to partner coordination, testing, data mapping, workflow development, and more. 

Think of it as co-sourcing, not outsourcing.

Read these real world use cases to understand how managed integration services from Remedi can help your company be more efficient and customer-centric. Now and decades from now.

Which Companies are a Good Fit for Managed Integration Services?

With more than 25 years in business Remedi offers critical business process expertise in a variety of industries. While every situation is different, companies turn to Remedi in the following scenarios.


Companies that have not outsourced EDI/integration functions before and are now considering it.

These customers typically face issues such as:

  • Trading partner backlogs, increased costs and fines, customer complaints

  • Diluted focus of core team

  • Difficulty hiring and managing qualified EDI specialists

  • Inability to scale


Companies who have outsourced all IT or EDI/integration staff and results are not meeting expectations and SLAs.

Frustrations for these customers include:

  • Problems coordinating efforts across international time zones
  • Persistent need to rework
  • A lack of resources with role-specific experience and a basic understanding of client and industry business processes


Companies who are considering outsourcing all IT functions to an outside firm including managed EDI/integration services.

Companies in this category:

  • Seek to successfully outsource their IT departments
  • Are not sure if it is a good idea to bundle their EDI/EAI/MFT and ERP support functions in the contract
  • Require a partner that is qualified to manage and maintain all the moving parts of their order-to-cash engine



Global Building Products Manufacturer

25-Year Managed Integration Services Partnership

Situation: A fiercely competitive industry and an increasingly digital economy make it essential that this Fortune 500 company be agile enough to cost effectively support the requirements of a complex and growing network of trading partners in 33 countries.

Solution: Since 1996, Remedi consultants have managed and monitored their EDI and non-EDI communications and business processes. The relationship includes daily management and strategic consulting. Most recently, the customer followed Remedi’s recommendation to migrate from Sterling Gentran to Sterling B2B Integrator and implement the Remedi Framework solution.

Impact on Business: Implementing Framework has allowed the Remedi team embedded with the customer to bring Sterling Integrator online 4x times faster than a typical Integrator install while speeding onboarding and increasing visibility and simplicity for users.

Turnkey Logistics Company

Logistics Provider

Cleo Clarify Mapping and Ongoing Management

Situation: This East Coast-based turnkey logistics provider was facing the imminent retirement of their in house EDI manager, an increasingly common scenario for companies who rely on internal EDI resources. Compounding their challenge, the departure coincided with new mapping requirements from two customers who were critical to the firm’s revenue and reputation.

Solution: After a brief discovery period, the customer signed a managed integration services contract with Remedi. The relationship called for a three-quarter time resource to create new maps in compliance with the new requirements as well as manage and monitor the company’s integration ecosystem, built around the Cleo Clarify and Harmony integration solutions.

Impact on Business: With Remedi managing their Cleo integration environment, the company no longer worries about their ability to comply with new requirements from existing customers. Confidence in their ability to meet customer needs swiftly and seamlessly has translated into fewer issues with existing trading partners as well as a more motivated sales team and a higher percentage of closed deals.

Remedi Managed Integration Services Options

On Premises

On Premises

Integration applications maintained on your company's servers.



Integration applications kept on servers located in data centers(s).



EDI/EAI/ERP applications maintained and updated in the cloud.



Applications for EDI/EAI/ERP systems maintained in two or more places.

"I know we can be very demanding of our partners, but when we get a good one, we stick with them. Remedi is a great partner." --- Nigel C., Owens Corning

Companies That Use Remedi Managed Integration Services

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