Remedi Managed EDI Services

At Remedi, managed EDI services means our resources supporting your existing EDI system, unlike traditional EDI outsourcing.

Our model lets you maintain control of your integration environment, without the risk of relying on unproven or inconsistent resources.

Remedi Managed EDI Services Engagement Models

Yes, EDI can be complex. Managing it doesn’t have to be. At Remedi, managed EDI services can vary in scope from full responsibility for managing and monitoring all EDI system functions, to ownership of only the tasks you designate such as trading partner onboarding. Here are just four of the ways we can customize a solution based on your industry, trading partner requirements, and business objectives: 

Complete Team

Complete Team

A team of EDI specialists with total responsibility for managing your EDI system, including trading partner support, mapping, system maintenance and upgrades, and error resolution. Allows you to focus on other priorities and initiatives.

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MultiSkilled Resource

MultiSkilled Resource

An EDI consultant who performs a variety of different roles, from partner coordination, to map development for new requirements, to on-going system management. Makes deep tool expertise available to your team and trading partners.

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Dedicated Roles

Dedicated Roles

One or more EDI consultants who support your in-house team by performing designated duties on a part-to-full time basis (subject to commitment and need). Delivers resource continuity and environment familiarity vs. a rotating roster with a constant learning curve.

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Customer Advocate

Customer Advocate

A specialist with EDI training and project management experience who acts as your liaison between the company, your trading partners, and your B2B integration vendors. Serves as your “eyes and ears” to ensure SLA compliance and resolve or prevent productivity and communication issues.

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Managed EDI Services That Fit You

Instead of one-size-fits-all service models, we work with you to design a solution that meets the needs of your business and trading partners. But most importantly, one that works with the tools you’ve already invested in.

As a result, Remedi managed EDI services offer significant operational and strategic benefits:

  • Your organization isn’t forced to absorb the cost and disruption of abandoning your existing EDI solution
  • You maintain control of your EDI system, integration infrastructure, and order-to-cash communication workflows
  • Scalable staffing flexibility with the advantage of proven EDI consultants
  • Dedicated resources matched by skills, experience, and personality
  • Approval of the resources assigned to your team

Clients have trusted Remedi for managed EDI services since 1994. Regardless of duration or scope, we begin all potential engagements by asking the right questions.

The answers help us gain a clear understanding of your issues, business objectives, and technical requirements. We use this information to create a proposal tailored to your specific software solution, integration environment and talent needs.

Remedi’s proven business analysts, developers, and mappers are qualified to perform all EDI tasks and duties within their defined roles. These include software updates, error monitoring, identification and resolution, mapping and testing, and all related coordination and communication.

Why Customers Value Remedi Managed EDI Services

Clients appreciate that we approach the discovery process with an open mind, not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Companies who engage us for managed EDI services value the quality of the resources we provide. Clients consistently cite our consultants for their creativity, responsiveness, and team attitude.

To ensure the right talent match with your requirements, we screen resources based on key factors including hard skills and soft skills, work history in role, industry experience, and potential cultural fit.

Day in and day out, our EDI consultants help clients avoid negative outcomes such as onboarding delays and SLA fines.

But we deliver more than resources who can map transaction sets and optimize business processes.

We help companies of all sizes in all industries operate more efficiently and be more competitive in the modern economy.

We can help you too.


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“Managed EDI Strategies for a Post-Pandemic Economy” arms IT and B2B integration leaders with the EDI strategies you need now, with chapters that cover such topics as how to overcome EDI talent scarcity, what to pay for managed EDI services, and pro tips to help you select the right partner (even if it isn’t us). 

Five Reasons to Consider Managed EDI Services

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