How to Stay Agile and
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Secure the highly specialized B2B integration experts you need now
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Whether your ecosystem is built on premises, in the Cloud, IPaaS or a hybrid solution, “Adopting a Managed Integration Services Mindset” shows how to free up internal IT resources and help your company extract the most value from its investment in B2B integration solutions.

In our 16-page guide you’ll learn:

  • The seven mistakes to avoid when hiring a managed integration services partner
  • The difference between outsourcing and co-sourcing
  • The range of fees you should expect to pay
  • And more, including five proven vetting strategies to help you select the right managed integration services partner

We distilled the tips in our new eBook from more than 25 years of delivering EDI and B2B integration talent and solutions. Now you can use them to find the resources you need while controlling your integration environment and budget.

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