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EDI for Air Freight: The Electronic Air Waybill (e-AWB)

Posted by Brooke Lester on Aug 17, 2022 3:25 PM

You're a freight industry professional looking for new and better tools to accelerate your operations and make jobs faster, safer, and more economical. As most people know, paper is becoming less prevalent in the transportation industry.

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Why EDI Implementation for Supply Chains is so Important

Posted by Brooke Lester on Aug 10, 2022 4:12 PM

Electronic Data Interchange is a data exchange protocol that enables the computer-to-computer sharing of documents and data between businesses. EDI allows companies to share and receive information electronically, in formats that can be readily understood and processed by the enterprise management systems of all parties involved.

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How the Remote Work Model Gives You More Options for EDI Consultants

Posted by Dave Reyburn on Aug 3, 2022 2:31 PM

Even if some managers wish it would, we can say with confidence that post-pandemic, remote work is not going away.

Pre-pandemic, according to a recent Ladders study, only 4% of jobs in the U.S. and Canada were hiring for permanent remote positions, mainly tech and sales jobs.

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Before You Hire an EDI Consulting Firm, Ask These Five Questions

Posted by Dave Reyburn on Jul 26, 2022 2:09 PM

With supply chains still not flowing with the efficiency and visibility today’s globally connected economy demands, our clients are telling us they need EDI consultants at all levels who can jump in with minimal supervision.

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What Do EDI Consultants Do and Why are They in Demand?

Posted by Dave Reyburn on Jul 19, 2022 2:35 PM

During the pandemic, EDI professionals and the technology they support kept the wheels on the economy and supply chains moving—and still do. In fact, even in the face of newer technologies such as APIs, 78% of all electronic B2B sales are done via EDI. This equates to more than $7 trillion in annual sales.

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