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Corporate EDI And Data Integration Software Training

EDI translator training and integration software training offered by REMEDI is one of our most popular services. Our detailed curriculum can vary from catching an employee up to speed, all the way to comprehensive learning. Engagement circumstances vary from training backfill and staff expansion resources, to product training on newly acquired integration tools.

On-Premises Training – OJT

With this style of EDI training, clients usually seek customized training to address specific needs and concerns while sometimes omitting basic/known topics. Known by many names, "over the shoulder", "pilot/co-pilot", "side by side", "on the job", training is at the client location with client licensed software, installed in the client environment, accessing client business systems.

Accompanied with this training are real life integration implementation requirements with one or more client employees. This style of training is available with most every integration software tool in which we have a consulting competency.

On-Premises Training – Classroom

On-premises EDI training follows the more traditional classroom-style learning product-based training. It can be offered as a supplement or alternative to software vendor classes. This curriculum is available in a "canned" fashion, but is customizable as desired by the client. In this approach, training is more lecture and group training using pre-developed exercises that flow with the lecture content.

Being on-premises, this training is with client licensed software, installed in the client environment accessing client business systems, and most often held in the client's IT training or conference room facilities. This allows for trainers to also address real-world issues the client would face on their own systems.

Classroom style training is routinely offered with B2B Integrator.

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