EDI Solutions for Energy Producers and Suppliers

Remedi delivers industry-compliant EDI solutions that allow wholesale and retail energy firms to transact with trading partners securely and reliably.

How Remedi Supports NAESB/GISB EDI Protocols with IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator





Optimized for the energy marketplace, B2B Integrator, in tandem with the Remedi Framework, supports NAESB/GISB EDI protocols for secure file transfers to and from capable servers. The flexibility of the software allows different deployment methodologies based on specific business requirements:

  • A stand-alone GISB/NAESB server, seamlessly integrating with an existing EDI sub-system
  • Replacing an existing EDI sub-system to provide advanced document tracking/visibility, exception handling, reporting, with robust integration & processing capabilities


The Remedi Framework for B2B Integrator

Framework Infographic

Remedi Framework for B2B Integrator delivers deployments up to 4 times faster while conforming to your organization’s specific requirements. Framework enables more efficient trading partner onboarding and offers authorized business users visibility to actionable data. B2B Integrator services, adapters, and business processes are supported by IBM Worldwide Support services.


Regional Power Generation Utility


Consolidate EDI to the Cloud via IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator and Remedi Framework

Situation: A diversified regional energy provider (biomass, coal, hydro, natural gas, nuclear, and wind) planned to shift their Sterling Integrator on-premises integration environment to the cloud. The solution had to support NAESB/GISB protocols and allow the provider to migrate the EDI processes and communications to the cloud with no disruption to customers or trading partners.

Solution: The client engaged Remedi to design, plan, and manage a phased migration of Sterling Integrator and implement the Remedi Framework to add transaction visibility and streamline workflows. Phase 1 encompassed installation and testing, business process development, and message portal configuration. Phase 2 involved migrating the partner setups from the on-premises B2B Integrator environment to the cloud, testing connectivity and data transformation, and managing the migration through go-live and stabilization.

Impact on Business: The pre-built workflows in Framework allowed the team to implement the software platform and trading partner migration to the cloud in one-fourth of the time the client had expected, prior to discovery and scoping with the Remedi team. 

Implementing Industry-Compliant EDI Solutions since 1994

Since 1994, Remedi has supported the EDI needs of organizations in all major industries, including wholesale and retail energy firms, with EDI consulting talent and software solutions. We’re experienced, flexible, and well-versed in NAESB/GISB protocols as well the most current EDI standards.

Proven EDI Consulting Expertise for the Energy Industry


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