IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator

Consulting and Staffing

Recognizing that each company's deployment needs for Sterling B2B Integrator are unique, we tailor our services to help you achieve your goals in keeping with your schedule and cost constraints.

Remedi has developed two companion or add-on products to B2B Integrator - Remedi Framework and X-Link.

Remedi Framework is a solution that includes pre-built libraries, parameter-driven business processes, dashboards, and reports.  This service enables implementation of B2B Integrator up to 4x faster.  

X-Link is a service that converts Gentran: Server for UNIX maps to B2B Integrator maps saving up to 75% in time and costs.

IMPORTANT PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: On September 30, 2021, IBM announced it would discontinue support for previous versions of Sterling Integrator and Sterling File Gateway. See FAQs page for more details.

Sterling B2B Integrator Product Description

Companies are increasingly faced with ever more complex B2B integration challenges across ever more diverse partner communities. Sterling Integrator provides a single, flexible B2B gateway that enables companies to solve all of their B2B integration needs.

  • Boost visibility into and across your supply and demand chains
  • Integrate your B2B communications between your systems and diverse partner communities
  • Streamline business processes across your enterprise boundaries
  • Connect to all of your business partners, despite differences in size, geography or choice of technology

Features and Benefits of Sterling Integrator


  • Identity management, including authorization and authentication
  • Perimeter security at DMZ traversal
  • Role-based data access and system operation
  • Secured mailboxing repository
  • Data transport security (SSL, SFTP/SSH) and data encryption (S/MIME and PGP) support
  • Non-repudiation using the AS2 or AS3 protocol
  • Digital signature support
  • Message- and transport-level security based on WS-Security 1.0 compliance, including WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 and Basic Security Profile 1.0


  • B2B communication protocols: Web services (SOAP), S/FTP/S client and server, HTTP and HTTP/S, SMTP, AS1, AS2, AS3 and RosettaNet, WebDAV, Zengin TCP/IP, IBM® Sterling Connect:Direct®
  • Policy-based file transfer
  • Multi-gigabyte file handling
  • IPv6 compatible

Business Process Management

  • Graphical process modeling tool
  • Business process execution engine
  • Process abstraction (layered modeling and component reuse)

Integration and Transformation

  • Multi-purpose data transformation engine
    • Traditional EDI: X12, EDIFACT, CII, TRADACOMS, and Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA)
    • XML standards: OAGi, CIDX, PIDX, and RosettaNet
    • Internet standards for B2B data exchange: RosettaNet RNIF, ebXML, 1SYNC, and EBICS
    • XSLT service to transform XML documents
  • Supports WTX translations
  • Graphic data mapping tool
  • Virtually unlimited file size (up to 50 gigabytes)
  • Validation of inbound and outbound data based on HIPAA rules defined for Level 1 – Level 6
  • Intelligent (content-based) routing
  • Interoperable with .Net 1.1/2.0, Axis 1.x/2.0, Xfire 1.2.6 and Java EES

Community Management

  • Manage and grow trading partner communities
  • Centralized visibility into trading partner communities
  • Reduce error rates
  • Digital certificates deployment
  • Customizable partner configuration
  • Intelligent onboarding with partner self-provisioning

Application Extension and Customization

  • Web services: Support for SOAP, WDSL
  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE): Tool to speed custom app/dev work
  • Software Development Kit (SDK): Toolkit to create your own adapters to systems

Back-end Connectivity Adapters

  • Enterprise applications
    • SAP (BAPI, IDOC, and Netweaver), Oracle, PeopleSoft, Vantive, IBM® Connect:Direct®, IBM® Connect:Enterprise®
  • EAI messaging platforms
    • IBM WebSphere MQ, Oracle AQ, BEA Tuxedo, TIBCO Rendezvous, Microsoft MSMQ, JMS Queue and Topic
  • Technology
    • JDBC, CORBA, LDAP, command line, file system, EJB, RMI, SNMP trap, JCA, IM (Instant Messaging)


IBM® B2B Integrator Mobile provides monitoring and management of B2B Integrator processes and status from a mobile digital device, including system status, database growth, and average business process wait time.

  • Monitoring with alerts for B2B Integrator resources including system status, database growth and average business wait time
  • Run or restart any failed or halted business process
  • Initiate key functions such as manage lock resolution for users and resources, initiate thread/ heap dumps and turn logging on and off