Remedi Framework for IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator

With libraries of pre-built components, Framework allows Remedi to implement Sterling Integrator up to 4x faster within a scalable, reusable architecture.

Simplify Sterling Integrator Implementation and Workflows

Pre-Built Processes and Simplified Workflow

Framework is an IBM-verified partner solution consisting of libraries, parameter-driven business processes, dashboards, and reports that address the challenges of implementing and working within the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator solution.

These pre-built processes and workflows provide a scalable, reusable integration architecture that allow Remedi to implement B2B Integrator up to 4x faster than traditional Sterling Integrator implementation projects.

Our solution supports complex processing requirements, in mission-critical, high volume (2 million+ daily transactions) environments.  

What Makes Remedi's Sterling Integrator Solution Unique?

  • No software, maintenance, or subscription fees
  • No additional overhead or drag on performance
  • No additional software layers to maintain or upgrade
  • No “black box” programs without source code
  • No reliance on Remedi for administration or enhancements
  • No size or scale limitations

What People Say

"The best decision we've made."

"Remedi Framework was the best decision we've made in my career at this company."

"Very happy with the implementation speed."

“We were extremely pleased with the framework and professional team. The greatest benefit is the ability to go live in a short amount of time.” 

“The Framework Solution reduced our demand on EDI resources.”

“The Framework Solution reduced our demand on EDI resources.”

My company did a major upgrade of EDI, going from a heavily modified GIS 2.x to SI 5.2. One of our goals in doing that was to drastically improve reporting. Remedi's Framework Solution has given us some excellent reporting in addition to the operational improvements we were looking for. It’s easy enough to use that many of our less-than-expert users in our plants can navigate it quite effectively. This, in turn, reduced the demand on our EDI resources which was quite welcome. Definitely met our objectives. ~ Jim - TBA

“It feels like we went from a Pinto to a Lamborghini.”

“It feels like we went from a Pinto to a Lamborghini.”

We replaced our old Inovis BizManager/BizLink with B2B Integrator/GIS/SI in conjunction with Remedi’s Framework Solution and were able to go live within 90 days with well over 1000 maps and hundreds of trading partners. Setting up new TP’s and communications could not be any easier, and we could not be happier. It feels like we went from a Pinto to a Lamborghini. Remedi has only top-notch consultants with impeccable credentials, and we were very impressed with their skill. We would happily recommend Remedi and their framework to everyone and anyone. ~ Charlotte - BlueStar

“Great visibility as part of an integration tool.”

“Great visibility as part of an integration tool.”

I have had good experience with Remedi Framework Solution for B2B Integrator. It offers great advantages to different areas of business. Non-IT users can be provided with view-only access, while an IT support team can use the functionality to correct and reprocess any failures. The setup of profiles to establish processing through the framework is straightforward, and options to load a high volume of messages at once are available. It provides great visibility as part of an integration tool. ~ Jennifer - Eaton Corporation

“Went live in 90 days with over 1200 maps and 800 TP’s.”

“Went live in 90 days with over 1200 maps and 800 TP’s.”

We installed B2B Integrator/GIS/SI for use with our entire e-commerce suite. Remedi brought their own framework to the project, and we were able to go live in 90 days with over 1200 maps and 800 TP’s. I could not have been happier with the project!! I would highly recommend Remedi and their Framework Solution. ~ Alan - First Phoenix



Remedi's Architecture and Workflow Framework chosen as NEECOM's 2018 EC/EDI Solution of the Year