Solutions for EDI System Visibility

EDI system solutions that give technical and non-technical users the visibility they need to support trading partners, reduce errors, and avoid fines.

Remedi Framework for IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator


Our flexible, scalable, and reusable integration architecture solution for Sterling Integrator creates a more efficient workflow that helps you maximize the potential and value of your investment.

Framework's pre-built processes and workflows make it possible for Remedi to implement SB2Bi up to 4X faster than from scratch installations and makes it easy for users to:

  • Monitor operations
  • Research and resolve problems
  • Access source and destination data
  • Search at transport, partner, EDI, and data levels
  • Manage exceptions in real time.

1 EDI Source IntelligentXchange® [IX]

1 EDI Source IntelligentXchange®  [IX]

Now instead of the EDI department being distracted off task by EDI status and error inquiries, non-IT users can self-fulfill many common EDI requests.

IX clips onto any EDI system and fosters efficiency and collaboration among your business lines and trading partners via an easy to use interface the offers:

  • Visual insights into order-to-cash and procure-to-pay EDI document “conversations”
  • Details about transactions, their related documents, and partner roll-up information displayed in human readable form
  • Ability to monitor commonly occurring situations, inspect SLA compliance, set situational positive/negative email alerts, and research problems and chargebacks

IBM Business Transaction Intelligence (BTI)

IBM Business Transaction Intelligence (BTI)

This cognitive tool provides IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network users key insights and real time information to help them better manage order to cash and purchase to pay interactions.

Use Business Transaction Intelligence to:

  • Review EDI data that is visually represented for non-technical users
  • Search for information with natural language
  • View high-level operational information on the dashboard about your supply chain transactions
  • Visually represent complex supply chain flows containing hundreds of transactions into a single, business context and transaction flow
  • Set up user accounts and assign business views quickly

Business Transaction Intelligence is available in Basic, Enterprise, and Multi-Enterprise. Consult with a Remedi expert to help decide which edition best fits your business needs and growth strategies.