EDI Solutions for Manufacturing

Remedi’s EDI consulting team can help you increase visibility, reduce chargebacks and fines, and onboard trading partners in days, not weeks.

Find New Levels of Efficiency

If you're fed up with manual entry errors and trading partner backlogs, check out these customer use cases to see how we can help. Or get in touch to set up a no-cost consultation.

Moving the Data that Move the Goods





Remedi helps manufacturers of all sizes operate more profitably with resources and solutions that can:

  • Shorten the time from order to cash, procure-to-pay, and load-tender-to-invoice
  • Streamline your workflow to save time and avoid costly mistakes
  • Modernize your integration infrastructure to keep pace with changing requirements

Even if your current solution is working, we can help you determine if it’s working as efficiently—and effectively—as possible.


Original Equipment Manufacturer


Replacing File-Based FTP with an API for Advance Shipment Notices

Situation: Remedi’s customer, a global manufacturer of original and after-market automotive power solutions, received notice from a large customer requiring all suppliers supplies replace their file based FTP integration with an API for Advance Shipment Notices (ASN).

Solution: Thanks to having Sterling B2B Integrator, IBM’s robust middleware integration software package, further extended and enhanced by the Remedi Framework visibility tool already deployed, the supplier easily and quickly supported the new requirement.

Impact on Business: By using an established platform already tightly integrated with downstream systems, Remedi’s customer met the EDI replacement requirement well before the compliance deadline while incurring no additional software licensing or costs.

Global Toy Manufacturer


Restore Integration Environment After Crash

Situation:  Remedi received a call on a Friday afternoon from a global maker of educational toys for children requesting help with an unusual but urgent need. Their Gentran environment crashed and would need to be rebuilt from scratch.

Solution: Within hours Remedi assembled a team of EDI mappers. The team immediately began rebuilding the 150 maps that drive the company’s supply chain and revenue cycle. The team first triaged the invoice and purchase order maps and then focused on restoring the rest of the company’s maps lost during the crash.

Impact on Business: The Remedi EDI team rebuilt the core maps within in a few days. In turn, the company could resume business operations with minimal disruption to their production commitments or order to cash flows. Ultimately the Remedi team took just two weeks to rebuild the entire environment from scratch.

Let’s Build Something Together

This photo depicts an autoworker who is ahead of schedule because Remedi's Framework for Sterling B2B Integrator detected an error in a purchase order change request which allowed the issue to be quickly resolved.

The reason our client relationships last 10 years (and often far longer) is simple. We embrace your integration and business goals with EDI solutions that let you:

  • Onboard new trading partners in days not weeks
  • Pursue and win relationships with higher value, higher volume customers
  • Keep pace with evolving integration requirements of customers in your industry
  • Leverage APIs and other tools that enhance your capabilities without complexity

Deciding who to trust with your EDI needs starts with learning who industry leaders trust with theirs.

Trusted EDI Consulting Solutions for Manufacturers

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