IBM® Sterling Gentran

Consulting and Staffing

Flexible Gentran Expertise

Flexible Gentran Expertise

Remedi offers Gentran Consulting on all of IBM's heritage Sterling Commerce products including Gentran:Server for Microsoft Windows, Gentran:Server for UNIX, Gentran:Server for iSeries, Gentran:Director Pro, Gentran:Director, and Gentran for z/OS.

Remedi's services are flexible to fit your time and budget constraints. Remedi's sales and recruiting staff matches an experienced consultant to your project based on scoping discussions with the client.

Different Gentran Editions to Meet your Business Needs

Different Gentran Editions to Meet your Business Needs
  • IBM Sterling Gentran:Basic® is a data translation and management system designed to help you communicate easily with your trading partners.
  • IBM Sterling Gentran:Director® provides an electronic data interchange solution with data translation, process control and communication capabilities.
  • IBM Sterling Gentran:Server® is a versatile, high-performance EDI solution, designed for the translation of inbound and outbound EDI files and messages.

Gentran Product Features

Partner Management and Transaction Controls

  • Create and maintain the essential information needed to exchange data with multiple trading partners.
  • View user documents or transactions that are inbound, outbound, in error and stored in the system’s database and file system.
  • Re-process, delete and correct previous transactions.
  • Define your own error messages and report on data errors in a way that makes sense for your business.

Standards Maintenance and Security-Rich Features

  • Work with user-access and feature-access controls.
  • Display and maintain EDI standards online.
  • Create customized EDI standards for specific business needs.

Map Integration

  • Build maps that define the relationships between your application files and your EDI standards.
  • Take advantage of automated EDI processing to select the proper map based on partner definitions and then translate data into the appropriate EDI format.