Integration Solutions Built for Rapid Growth

Buyers across all industries are purchasing goods, services, and supplies online in numbers that have swiftly upended the B2B ecommerce landscape and created new growth opportunities.

Is your integration environment agile enough to meet the expectations of today’s customers?

Remove the Threat of Legacy Integration Solutions

Mounting costs from SLA fines. Customer complaints. Unrenewed contracts and lost deals. In today's digitally-driven economy, outdated legacy systems and out-of-support platforms can be fatal to once thriving companies.1

Gaps that were annoying before the mass lockdowns of Covid-19 have become serious barriers to growth.

Remedi consultants can help you adapt or transform your integration environment to help your organization deliver the speed, convenience, and visibility today’s B2B buyers expect.

1. Digital Commerce 360 B2B Sellers Survey, Executive Summary, January 2021 

Solutions That Deliver Positive Outcomes

Whether we design from the ground up or build on your current environment, we deliver EDI, EAI, MFT, and API solutions that make your company easy to do business with and set the stage for future growth.

Here are some recent use cases from different industries where we helped B2B integration and ecommerce teams resolve their data integration challenges.

Food Manufacturer

A photo of butter that was manufactured more efficiently as a result of the Remedi-configured IBM Sterling B2B Integrator environment further enhanced by the Remedi Framework solution.

IBM Sterling Integrator Migration Saves Time and Money

Situation: A major dairy processing company wanted to gain even more value from IBM Sterling Integrator by migrating away from Oracle middleware.  

Solution: Deploy IBM Sterling Integrator as the middleware message broker to streamline communications and create a smoother workflow.

Impact on Business: The migration reduced the licensing fees the dairy processor was paying and reduced the number of integration points to manage, which led to greater efficiency, fewer errors, and real-time visibility.

Logistics Provider


Ownership of IT Environment for Control and Agility

Situation: A logistics company with national operations couldn’t control its IT environment due to vendor lock-in, which led to lengthy customer onboarding and SLA violations. 

Solution: Remedi’s consulting resource gave the company: (1) Best practices insight into building its own development team. (2) Detailed guidance on implementing the recommended software solutions, Microsoft Biztalk and Azure Logic Apps. (3) Licensing and vendor contract traps to avoid going forward.

Impact on Business: Building its own development team allowed the customer to end a restrictive contract with its MSP, move to the cloud for greater agility, maintain business continuity, and last but not least, onboard customers in one-fifth the time previously required.

Behavioral Healthcare Provider


Preserve and Protect Patient Data During Acquisition

Situation: A national specialty care provider in the process of a major acquisition needed a strategy to integrate more than five million patient records after management determined their initial vision of a total tear down and rebuild of their integration suite exposed the company to unacceptable risk.

Solution: Remedi assembled, vetted, and delivered a nine-member team of programmers with RPG (Report Program Generator) and CL (Control Language) skills to run and test the programming changes and provide support to the company’s user community.

Impact on Business: The Remedi team was able to integrate the acquired company’s records and processes without HIPAA compliance risk or disruption to daily business operations under extraordinary circumstances: The midst of the pandemic and the sale of the acquiring company to a larger firm. More than half of the consultant team was offered conversion of their contracts to full-time positions.