IBM B2B Integrator Fundamentals Training Resource

This REMEDI training resource outlines the basics of B2Bi. If you're considering training or just want to learn more about the tool, check it out now!

Learn the Fundamentals of IBM B2B Integrator

Trained personnel are key to effectively using any tool, and this is especially true of B2Bi and its intricacies. Training and knowledge transfer remains one of our most popular service requests. It's delivered on client instances of B2Bi connected to the client ERP and provided to folks redeployed internally, newly hired, or that come from a legacy integration tool.

For those considering B2Bi training or seeking to confirm their understanding of the tool, check out our IBM B2B Integrator Fundamentals Training Resource. You'll learn more about:

  • User Administration
  • Business Process Basics
    • Monitoring
    • Searching
    • Navigation
    • Graphical Process Modeler
    • Troubleshooting
  • Services and Adapters
  • Schedules
  • Code Lists
  • Import/Export Resources

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