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Brooke is the Marketing and Sales Support Manager at Remedi Electronic Commerce Group. Brooke joined Remedi in 2012 bringing with her experience and knowledge of EDI and B2B Integration from having spent the early years of her career as an EDI consultant. She is responsible for coordinating Remedi’s marketing efforts related to blogs, newsletters, customer networking events, conferences, educational material, and the IBM Premier Business Partner relationship.

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Determining the Right Mix of Managed Integration Services Talent and In-House Staff

Posted by Brooke Lester on Sep 21, 2021 5:13 PM

You’re interested in managed integration services, yet you don’t know if you want to rely entirely upon the service provider’s talent. You believe there’s room for your in-house staffers. What’s the right mix?

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Press Release:  Cleo, Remedi Expand Partnership to Torque Up Ecosystem Integration Adoption, Drive Growth in Key Industries

Posted by Brooke Lester on Sep 15, 2021 3:32 PM

ROCKFORD, Illinois and COLUMBUS, Ohio – September 14, 2021 – Remedi Electronic Commerce Group, a provider of business and system integration solutions, and Cleo, the pioneer and global leader in ecosystem integration software, today announced they are expanding their long-standing partnership to bring the rich capabilities of Cleo Integration Cloud to companies eager to leverage ecosystem integration technology as a competitive differentiator in rapidly changing industries.

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How to Choose the Right Managed Integration Services Partner

Posted by Brooke Lester on Sep 15, 2021 10:51 AM

You’ve decided you need managed integration services, but you’re not sure which partner will be the right fit for you. Choosing a managed integration services partner doesn’t just affect your B2B integration suite – it has an impact on your ability to meet customer demands as well as your efficiency.

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When to Bring in a Managed Integration Services Partner

Posted by Brooke Lester on Sep 8, 2021 4:14 PM

What’s the best time to bring in a managed integration services partner? The answer isn’t necessarily “yesterday.”

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Use the SEAL Team Strategy to Modernize Your Integration Suite

Posted by Brooke Lester on Sep 1, 2021 4:49 PM

If you like action movies or TV shows, you’re familiar with plots in which an elite team of experts must come together to solve a major problem. You’ve probably seen SEAL (Sea, Land, and Air) teams, special operations forces that are part of the US Navy, burst in to save the day.

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