Software Partner: 1 EDI Source

For EDI projects with complex ERP system integration requirements Remedi collaborates with partner 1 EDI Source to deliver scalable, flexible solutions that accelerate growth and agility.

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Painless EDI and ERP Integration

Frustrated with integration solutions that won’t scale from small suppliers to your largest customers? Or EDI and B2B integration solutions that won’t integrate with your ERP? We understand, and offer solutions from 1 EDI Source, a division of Epicor, that can help relieve your ERP pain points.

From stand-alone EDI solutions to their comprehensive EDI platform, HQXchange,tm customers across a broad array of industries and use cases depend on 1 EDI Source to take the stress out of EDI compliance.

And because 1 EDI Source solutions integrate with most ERP systems, you don’t have to invest in a new ERP to achieve EDI compliance.

1 EDI Source Offerings and Expertise

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We resell, support, and offer consulting and staffing for the following products.

HQXchange Bundles EDI Headquarters (HQ), IntelligentXchange (IX), and AS2 Complete software

HQ Flagship EDI mapping and translation software solution

IX Cloud-based EDI translator that transforms EDI data into action information for any department

PartnerXchange (PX) Quick, easy to implement EDI compliance solution for users new to EDI

ManagedXchange (MX) Cloud-based, outsourced managed EDI services