Remedi B2B Integration
and EDI Architecture Template


Easily document your B2B and EDI environment
for stakeholders, decision makers, and partners.

Why it’s smart to document your B2B and EDI infrastructure.

Before you can make the case to modernize your B2B and EDI environment, you must document your current architecture. Our simple two-page template lets you easily baseline your existing B2B integration and EDI system components, and can help you with:

  • Building the foundation of a digital transformation plan for e-commerce and supply chain data exchange
  • Clearly communicating your environment and its role in supporting the business to new hires, consultants, business leads and management
  • Tracing and troubleshooting network issues
  • Documenting system elements in case of staff turnover

Download the B2B Integration and EDI Architecture Documentation Template at right: it’s fast and it’s free.