Benefits of Using IBM Control Center to Monitor B2Bi and SFG

20-Minute On-Demand Webinar

Prioritize Alerts and Improve Customer Service

There are a lot of events and problems that happen every day when you’re in EDI operations. As your volume of traffic and exceptions increase, it’s helpful to prioritize your alerts so that the issues with the biggest business impact get resolved first.

In this on-demand webinar, William McKinney, IBM’s Senior Portfolio Marketing Manager for B2B Integration and Managed File Transfer and Remedi’s Scott Story, B2B Integration Software and Services Specialist, discuss:

  • Common EDI challenges that can strain customer relationships
  • Ways to quickly trace, track and troubleshoot high priority issues
  • Myths about IBM Control Center
  • How to learn more and deploy IBM Control Center

Watch the webinar now and take your b2b integration visibility to the next level.

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