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B2B Integration and EDI Assessments

Ensure Integration Best Practices for Maximum Efficiency

Create a Prioritized Plan for Optimization

Create a Prioritized Plan for Optimization

REMEDI’s B2B integration and EDI assessments are the perfect way to confirm a solution implementation was done in a best practice manner and currently operates at maximum efficiency. We evaluate the client integration environment(s) and developed or implemented solutions to make sure processes are running at peak performance and products are being utilized to their fullest potential.

These assessments provide a detailed list of issues within your EDI environment that can be addressed to bolster performance, which are then summarized in a prioritized action plan for further tuning and optimization of the installation. The benefits of a B2B integration or EDI assessment are:

  • Confidence in solution design and implementation
  • Assurance in solution efficiency
  • Capacity to meet business needs

What We do



  • Functional Solution
  • Performance review for current and future transaction loads
  • Production Deployment Architecture


  • Integration Infrastructure
  • Technology Stack Review
  • Integration System Review
  • Capacity Plan
  • Contingency Analysis