How to Gain Stakeholder Buy-In for Business Integration

Pro tips to get decision makers and non-technical colleagues with budget say on board with modernizing your EDI system and B2B integration capabilities.

Help Stakeholders Understand What's at Stake

The pandemic taught us that in today’s world, business is globally interconnected. Even if your company does not have operations outside of the U.S., your supply chain partners may be located across the world, and if there is a single weak link, it could lead to a devastating chain reaction that impacts the profitability and growth of your business.

First published in 2018, this concise but comprehensive resource explores tactics to gain stakeholder buy-in for modernizing your EDI and B2B integration capabilities that are more relevant than ever, including:

  • The nine steps to building your business case for non-technical stakeholders
  • Getting stakeholders to fund integration by educating them about real vs. perceived capabilities
  • Defining your current state vs. desired future state
  • Factors driving the need for increased integration, collaboration, and visibility


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