How to Drive Business Integration by Gaining Stakeholder Buy-In

Create a compelling business case that gets the C-suite and line managers excited about advancing your integration strategy.

Integration is the Linchpin of Organizational Success

In today’s world, business is globally interconnected. If there's a single weak link between your supply chain partners, it could lead to devastating repercussions that impact the profitability and growth of your business. Ninety-three percent of organizations plan to reposition integration capabilities with their business networks to increase visibility into every aspect of their operations and enhance collaboration with their trading partners.

In this ebook, we discuss the following ideas about how to get stakeholder buy-in so you can advance your integration capabilities:

  • Why there's an increased need for integration, collaboration, and synchronization
  • The perception of IT across the organization
  • Aligning your business network with the overarching integration objectives
  • Getting stakeholders to fund integration by educating them about real vs. perceived capabilities
  • Defining your current state vs. desired future state
  • 9 steps to building your business case

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