IBM® Control Center

Consulting and Staffing

IBM Control Center gives you a consolidated view of your entire file transfer environment, along with the power to respond quickly and efficiently to exceptions and changes.

It is one of the tools our EDI consulting team can use to help enhance the performance, reliability, and security of your organization's B2B and EDI operations.

As file transfers connect your processes, you can monitor and manage them across applications, business units, time zones, locations, customers, and trading partners. IBM Control Center helps you:

  • Improve SLA performance with centralized exception management, notifications, rules, events, and reporting
  • Meet compliance and regulatory requirements via policy definition, auditing, and reporting
  • Simplify managing your file transfer network through central configuration management

IBM Control Center Product Description

Monitoring Service

  • Displays alerts and sends notifications about process failures or processes that might not complete on time
  • Provides guided topology discovery
  • Provides SNMP interface to enterprise system management tools
  • Lets you run system commands and send server commands
  • Single click problem interrogation
  • Monitors file transfer activity
  • Aligns server views with operational

Rules Engine

  • Simply define rules about events and actions similar to e-mail inbox rules (for example, send a notification when a server license is going to expire, or a transfer is late)
  • Gives you the power to define match criteria and trigger actions
  • Defines schedules, processes, file names, and other metadata, all through a simplified GUI interface
  • Lets you run system commands and send server commands
  • Enables single click problem interrogation
  • Monitors file transfer activity

Audit and Compliance

  • Consolidates and normalizes file transfer and process data from all managed servers into a single SQL database
  • License key management and node discovery
  • Manages Connect:Direct and IBM Control Center configurations, including providing change control
  • Assess security and configuration compliance
  • Generates over 35 standard reports
  • Control user access to specific data, through criteria based, "data visibility groups"
  • Reporting for activity and throughput analysis, operational audit, proof of transactions, error analysis, proof of transactions, supports major third-party reporting tools