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Integration Recruiting And Placement Services

REMEDI serves two vital roles in helping place candidates into EDI jobs:

  • Companies: REMEDI works with companies to assess the types of candidates they need to accomplish their goals, then finds those qualified candidates for roles inside the company
  • Individuals: REMEDI works with individuals to help them find jobs that best match their skills and expertise. If you are an individual seeking EDI jobs, please visit our jobs information page.

Candidates for Full-Time Jobs

REMEDI can help you find the right person for full time positions on your integration team. Work with our talented team to define the ideal candidate and we'll provide resources with your outlined skills. We have experienced integration professionals that are interested in the right full- time position. We can help identify a short list of qualified candidates for your review, interview, and immediate hire.

Contact us with the details of the position(s) you are trying to fill using the form to the right of this page.

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