Dave Reyburn

Brand Marketing Manager

Dave Reyburn - Brand Marketing Manager

Like many at Remedi, I wear several hats. My roles range from developing our yearly marketing plan and quarterly content calendar to developing, managing and promoting the Remedi brand. I also write most of the website and marketing content that customers and prospects see, except for pieces we develop with creative partners.

The most rewarding part of my job is connecting new customers with our consulting teams. The Remedi team does incredible work for our clients, and it feels good to work with people with the skills to complex problems and the passion to help businesses transform how they operate.

While everybody here works hard, one of the best things about Remedi is their respect for work/life balance. Which is why in my free time I can unplug and enjoy camping, hiking and biking with my wife of 30 + years while we plan for how we’re going make the time to visit all the amazing places and sights we have yet to see.

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