Secure Project Funding and Manage EDI Costs

Based on three decades of scoping experience with clients in all industries, our EDI scoping tool features customizable project templates that let you quickly build a realistic estimate for any EDI need: 
  • Enterprise EDI Platform Migration
  • Managed EDI Services Engagement
  • EDI Staff Augmentation
  • EDI Software Tool Training
  • EDI Software Platform Update
  • Integration Environment Assessment

Secure Project Funding and Manage EDI Costs

Regardless of size or objective, EDI projects that get funded have one thing in common. Accurate cost estimates. But they can take countless hours to prepare.

We created the EDI project scoping tool with three objectives in mind:

  • To help you enlist support of business leaders, and secure funds from management, by breaking down the elements of well thought-out EDI projects
  • To save you unproductive time formatting spreadsheets for project estimates
  • To help guide scoping discussions with EDI service providers, and control EDI project costs

Whether you hire Remedi or not, we want your project to succeed. Complete the form and download the EDI project scoping tool today.

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