Remedi Midwest Business and System Integration Forum

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Remedi hosted a one-day event with thought leaders in supply chain and integration.  We know some of you were unable to attend so we decided to record the sessions for you!

Learn what others are doing to help make their integration environments the leader amongst their competitors.

Here is a preview of one of the sessions.

Myth or Reality? The Big Deal about Blockchain

Blockchain technology is uniquely positioned to alleviate the pains and risks of complex supply chain networks, data security threats, increased regulation, and much more. While blockchain has real promise, we are on the early learning curve and it can be hard to determine what’s hype and what’s real. TK will share examples of today’s real-world use cases as well as 5 crucial questions to ask before embarking on your first blockchain project.



Sessions Included:

  • Are you leveraging integration as a strategic weapon?
    • What happens when your company views your B2B integration as a competitive advantage and not just an IT cost? CommScope is doing just that, weaponizing their Integration capabilities into a competitive advantage. In this session, CommScope will share insight on how they evolved their B2B capabilities into an enterprise application integration (EAI) environment, the strategy behind their thinking and the benefits they gained. They will also share how, by thinking outside the box, they took their B2B capabilities to another level.
  • Integration Managed Services
    • This session will help the attendees determine the best fit for managing their B2B solutions. Topics will include system access, control, customization and more. At the end of the session, the attendees will have a model by which they may make the best strategic decisions for their company.
  • API Strategies to Enhance Your EDI Environment
    • Companies are in different phases of their EDI modernization journey. Many are starting to evaluate APIs, but don’t know how to get from Point A to Point B. The introduction of APIs brings questions such as: How can APIs enhance my environment? How do we implement, manage, and provide security for our APIs? Understanding the baseline for your current EDI environment and developing a strategy for API usage are keys to modernization.
  • Third-Party Master Data Enrichment
    • Focus on the "Big Three" supply chain Master Data domains:
      Supplier, Customer, and Product
      Examples of Third Party Content that can enrich, cleanse, and standardize:
      DNB, Experian, and Rental Lists
      And their value proposition:
      Supplier Management, Risk Management, Lead to Quote, Quote to Order, and Order to Fulfillment
  • Hybrid Approach to Integration
    • Choosing traditional on-premises or a cloud environment isn’t always the best solution for companies. To fill the “in-between”, Racksquared has architected a Hybrid solution with a variety of hardware and software options, that allows you to mix and match integration platform location, services, and support configurations. Find out how a hybrid approach to integration may be the solution for you and how it can impact your business. 

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