Solutions For GENTRAN UNIX to IBM B2B Integrator Migrations

Remedi X-Link Visual Map Conversion Utility

X-Link is a map conversion engine coded to convert GENTRAN UNIX Visual Maps to B2B Integrator maps quickly! 

Using this tool Remedi is able to convert your maps in a fraction of the time it would take to re-map using the traditional manual process...saving time and cost by as much as 75-80%!

See the powerful illustration regarding a migration to B2B Integrator.  Contact us for more information or for your complimentary 5 map proof of concept conversion.

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Remedi's IBM B2B Integrator Framework Solution

Remedi assets added to "out of the box" B2B Integrator provides deployment of B2B Integrator up to 4 times faster, eases administration with a workflow operations interface, speeds issue resolution with message search/display portal, offers insight with drill down business intelligence reporting, leverages configurable BPs, services, reports, and other accelerators. Fill out the form to see watch the video demonstration.

IBM Sterling B2B Integrator - 3 Configuration Options

Now available in Basic, Standard and Enterprise configurations! Depending on your requirements and desired functionality there is a path forward to a modern B2B Integration Gateway that offers value to your organization.

  • Basic Configuration - Integration suite for those with basic integration requirements. Designed as a migration path for those with GENTRAN, or similar. Provides a B2B Integration Gateway infrastructure with automation, reliability, manageability, and scalability. Packaged with Application Adapters, Communications and Translation / Standards components common across most organizations. Unlimited connections, limited processor size.
  • Standard Configuration - Integration suite for those with advanced integration requirements. Provides same as Basic Configuration plus ALL available Application Adapters, Communications and Translation / Standards components. Processor/connections based pricing, unlimited processor size.
  • Enterprise Configuration - Integration suite for those with enterprise level integration requirements. Provides the same as Standard Configuration with processor-based pricing, unlimited connections and unlimited processor size.


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