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Software AG webMethods Trading Networks Consulting and Staffing

Each company's webMethods needs are unique and REMEDI's services are flexible to help you achieve your goals keeping in mind your schedule and cost constraints.

Trading Networks Product Description

webMethods Trading Networks is your scalable, easy-to-manage gateway for doing business electronically with customers, distributors and trading partners worldwide. This enterpise class B2B gateway is built on webMethods Integration Server, an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

With webMethods Trading Networks you can exchange critical B2B data efficiently and securely, improve partner collaboration and customer satisfaction, and increase visibility into critical partner-centric data exchanges.

Eliminate the extra hardware and EDI software licenses and maintenance fees that come with multiple B2B systems. Consolidate your transactions on a scalable, easy-to-manage webMethods Trading Networks, a B2B gateway. Exchange B2B documents worldwide, thanks to support for all EDI and XML-based standards.

Trading Partner Management

  • Manage partner contacts, security certificates and processing rules centrally for faster partner on-boarding
  • Self-service to streamline initial on-boarding and subsequent changes to partner profiles
  • Role-based access to partner profiles and documents to meet compliance needs

Document and messaging support

  • Create, parse and validate EDI (such as X12 and EDIFACT) and XML-based documents
  • Support latest document transports, such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTPS and EDIINT, as well as specialized standards, such as RNIF, ebXML, AS4, SOAP and many more
  • Securely exchange mission-critical information with partners using industry-standard security and encryption standards and protocols, such as HTTPS

Rules-driven document processing

  • Reduce errors and inefficiencies by implementing consistent and re-usable document processing rules
  • Adopt re-usable mapping and document transformation rules that make any-to-any translation easy and adaptable to subsequent changes
  • Integrate with partners in real-time and seamlessly connect with your back-end systems for straight-through processing

Visibility and control

  • Gain complete operational visibility into B2B transactions across your entire trading network
  • Locate problems easily by drilling down into transaction data, including message header and routing information as well as the message payload itself
  • Capture all of your message transaction data in a centralized audit log for archiving and traceability