Portfolio Solutions: TIE Kinetix eVision

Remedi offers consulting services for TIE Kinetix products for EDI and integration including eVision, spEDI, TIE Integrator, and EDGE.

TIE Kinetix eVision Consulting and Staffing

Remedi’s services are flexible to fit your time and budget constraints. Our sales and recruiting staff matches an experienced consultant to your project based on scoping discussions with the client.

TIE Kinetix eVision Product Description

Expandable Modular Design

Managing your electronic business relationships efficiently requires thoughtful design. The TIE eVision architecture can expand as your business requirements grow so that you will never have to spend money and time on features and functions that will never be used. All integrations, profiles, workflows, and data storage are all interchangeable and consistent between versions. Customers will never have to spend time reworking their application integrations when it comes time to expand the usage of their system or migrate to another technology infrastructure like Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux or virtualized cloud platform.

Flexible Options

TIE's base integration server product, eVision, is the perfect entry point for users who wish to manage their own system with basic integration requirements and small to mid-sized volume requirements. eVision has been the industry standard for over a decade. Its longevity has proven to handle the demands of many of the largest global multi-national enterprises with intense, high transaction, high availability scenarios.

Core Functionality

  • Single integration server platform
  • Easy to use trading partner setup and maintenance
  • Graphical any-to-any data mapping environment for integrating applications with trading partner data formats
  • Business workflow designer and process manager
  • Support for all global communications and data standards
  • Full monitoring, reporting and audit capabilities
  • Lights out operation
  • Email / SMS Notification
  • Manage day-to-day integration responsibilities online
  • Connectivity to all major Value Added Networks (VAN) and direct partner connections