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REMEDI Framework for IBM B2B Integrator

Rapid Deployment, Automation, Visibility, and Business Intelligence

  • Deploy IBM Sterling B2B Integrator up to 4 Times Faster…
  • Ease Administration with a Workflow Operations Interface…
  • Speed Issue Resolution with Message Search/Display Portal…
  • Gain Insight with Drill Down Business Intelligence Reporting…
  • Leverage Configurable BPs, Services, Reports, Other Accelerators…

REMEDI Framework for Sterling B2B Integrator is a service based framework for IBM Sterling B2B Integrator which provides clients a flexible means of enhancing the tools' integration capabilities and works in cooperation with the Sterling B2B Collaboration Network..

IBM Sterling B2B Integrator offers a comprehensive solution while providing a single, flexible B2B gateway enabling clients to meet their B2B integration needs.

Sterling B2B Collaboration Network offers a flexible cloud solution to customers providing a secure solution for their communication needs.

Rapid Deployment and Workflow Operations

Our solution helps clients with the initial implementation of IBM Sterling B2B Integrator as well as provides framework assets which can be deployed as you upgrade to a current version of the software. REMEDI's framework and deployment methodology allows clients implementing/upgrading IBM Sterling B2B Integrator to achieve a quicker ROI on the software, as opposed to deployment through traditional means.

Framework assets are libraries of pre-built, parameter-driven business processes, services, reports, and other components configured in a manner in which reusability is optimized. This allows for their (re)use in varying B2B Integrator deployments and speeds the implementation or upgrade process as well as providing flexible, scalable integration architecture. Through architecture and design sessions that define the desired infrastructure, these frameworks and associated assets can be custom configured and quickly deployed in your environment. The result is a workflow operation layer that simplifies management and administration of the system. The result…

  • Quicker ROI on the purchase/upgrade of the software
  • Reduced implementation time
  • Faster trading partner onboarding and management
  • Reduced need for custom business processes
  • Streamlined management and administrative tasks
  • Configuration of multiple routing maps
  • Archives for end to end document visibility, BI and reporting

REMEDI Framework is delivered as a service, not an additional piece of software you are required to purchase or pay maintenance on. We understand the challenges of implementing and administering the B2B Integrator solution; it can be taxing on IT staff. Our Framework solution can alleviate many of the typical complexities and allow your organization the ability to realize the full value of this powerful comprehensive integration suite.



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REMEDI Framework Product Description

Visibility Portal

Framework Search ScreenUtilizing the information processed and archived via the Rapid Deployment and Workflow Operations assets, the REMEDI Visibility Portal provides document search capability providing access to source and destination data. Data can be searched at the transport, partner, EDI, and data levels. Our clients have cited that this portal drastically reduces the time it takes to research and resolve data issues or processing exceptions.

Business Intelligence Portal

Also utilizing the information processed and archived via the Rapid Deployment and Workflow Operations assets, the REMEDI Business Intelligence Portal provides executive level reports outlining things such as transaction dollar amounts, transaction numbers, and kilobytes…by company, division, trading partner, document type, etc. Drill-able reports displaying error percentages by partner allowing visibility to the transaction level. Clients cite the information found in these reports as valuable for planning, forecasting, supply chain visibility, partner management/recruitment, and integration expense charge backs in shared services models.

Other Notable Features
  • Best practice design built on 10 years of Sterling B2B Integrator implementation experience, spanning many projects.
  • Robust, stable, time tested methodologies, supporting complex processing requirements, in mission critical, high volume (2 million+ daily transactions) environments.
  • Feature rich architecture that supports the ability to extend the framework without compromising visibility and operational controls.
  • Support for EDI, EAI, and MFT operations with shared configuration and transaction visibility.
  • Role based visibility offering 7+ years of document visibility
  • Support for all major protocols (FTP/S, HTTP/S, SFTP, AS2, SMTP, POP3/IMAP, JDBC, WSMQ, JCL, MAILBOX, FS)
  • Tight integration with major ERP Systems (SAP, EBS, MS Dynamics, etc.)
  • Tight integration with JDBC compliant databases (Oracle, SQL, MySQL, DB2, etc.)
  • Single solution for EDI, NON-EDI (XML, CSV, etc..), EAI, and MFT processing requirements
  • Support for complex message orchestration (multi-route, carbon copy, etc.)
  • Centralized error monitoring (via web portal) and partner level notification lists
  • Trading Partner onboarding utilities
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