Integration, File Exchange, and EDI Outsourcing Solutions

Fully managed services for your firm allowing IT to focus on core initiatives.

The Case for Outsourcing

The Case for Outsourcing

For some organizations, EDI and other integrations, are not a core function to which they want to devote IT resources. Firms don’t have the time, interest, expertise, or simply believe it’s not a function that provides differential advantage against competitors.

Remedi outsourcing solutions help clients focus on the initiatives important to them by identifying, transitioning, and supporting data transformation and data exchange in an externally managed environment.  

Since Remedi has moved clients from on-premises to an outsourcing arrangement, but also from an outsourcing to an on-premises arrangement, we are well positioned to guide you through the considerations of outsourcing. In addition to this guidance, and the outsource environment offered through key partnerships, we help with the specification assembly, data gathering, data management, communication with onboarding personnel, status reporting and so on, to make the implementation process a smooth transition for your organization.

Integration Outsourcing - The Particulars

Not everyone’s outsourcing offer is the same and not every client’s needs are the same. See the particulars below and contact us to discuss your requirements, questions you might have, and things to look for in your outsourcing partner.  

B2B integration outsourcing service components:

  • Scalable cloud-based enterprise class integration environment
  • Full managed/monitored services and 24/7 support
  • Dedicated onboarding and implementation consultant(s)
  • B2B integration partner and resolution management
  • Support for common to obscure ERP data formats
  • Collaboration in unique business processes and requirements
  • Data transformation in a variety of standards
  • Data exchange in a variety of protocols
  • Portals for transaction visibility and research/resolution
  • Quick deployment…additional documents and partners

B2B integration outsourcing benefits:

  • Low touch approach to support EDI requirements
  • Extensible expert staff without hiring and training
  • No hardware, software, upgrade, security duties
  • Migration path to on-premises if desired
  • Support for core competency focus
  • Visibility and insights into your data