X-Link Map Conversion Tool for Gentran: Server for Unix

The X-Link tool automatically converts IBM Gentran: Server for UNIX Visual maps to IBM B2B Integrator maps and cuts remapping costs by up to 80%.

Cut Remapping Time and Cost By Up To 75% - 80%

Cut Remapping Time and Cost By Up To 75% - 80%

The X-Link conversion tool is a great solution for organizations that:

  • Are considering the move to IBM B2B Integrator and concerned about the time and cost involved with the remapping effort in a move from Gentran:Server for UNIX.
  • Have B2B Integrator and Gentran:Server for UNIX in production, but the conversion stalled due to time or budget.

The X-Link conversion engine can take the process of remapping from 16-24 hours per map, to as low as 2-4 hours per map, which includes map finalization and testing time. It makes map conversion economical and decommissioning Gentran possible.

What We Do

What We Do

Maps Tested and Delivered in Hours

Maps delivered to Remedi are processed, converted and delivered back to the client. Includes map finalization and testing services along with the conversion process. Clients may also do their own map finalization and testing if they choose.

Converted Map and Conversion Log

Deliverables include the converted map and a conversion log that details the conversion events with notations about functions in Visual Maps not supported in IBM B2B Integrator / Application Integrator maps which require coding in the finalization process.

Example of Savings with X-Link

Project Background

  • Industry - Food Supply Chain Services
  • Hardware - Unix
  • Software - Conversion from IBM Sterling Gentran Server Unix Visual Maps to IBM Sterling B2B Integrator
  • Project - Convert 127 maps
  • Outcome - Completed conversion in 2-4 hours per map vs. an estimated 12-16 per map



  • Per map - 10 to 12 hours
  • Overall - 31.75 to 38.1 weeks - from 38.1 to 50.8 weeks manual mapping to 6.35 to 12.7 weeks with X-Link conversion


  • Per map - $600 to $780
  • Overall - $76,200 to $99,060

Try X-Link for free!

To demonstrate the process, deliverables, and proof of concept, Remedi will convert up to 5 maps at no cost to you. Get your complimentary map conversions and see how it works!