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Remedi’s business and system integration specialists deliver proven EDI, MFT, EAI, and API solutions that help you do more in less time with fewer distractions.

The Remedi Promise

Whether we're working together for decades or for just a few weeks, our solutions are scoped by professionals who do this work every day.

Which means when you engage Remedi, you can trust the scope, the delivery dates, and the pricing. 


What We Do


What Integration Means To Us

The world of B2B integration and eCommerce has shifted dramatically since we established Remedi Electronic Commerce Group as an EDI consultancy in 1994.

In response to more complex client needs, our business model revolves around a vision of integration as the engine that drives efficiency, growth, and competitive advantage in today’s digitally driven economy.


What This Means To You

We deliver host-agnostic integration and B2B eCommerce solutions—and the talent to implement them— that help companies save time and money, provide a better experience for customers and trading partners, and quickly respond to new opportunities.

Business Integration

Business Integration

Collaboration and communication across your business network is vital to enabling a company to operate more efficiently, competitively, and cost-effectively.

Remedi business integration solutions improve B2B connectivity and the ability for all parties to exchange and integrate electronic business transactions, messages, and files through inter-company business processes.

System Integration

System Integration

In today’s connected world, digital transformation is supported by having complimentary information systems communicate with one another.

Remedi system integration solutions improve internal systems connectivity by facilitating the exchange and integration of organizational transactions, messages, and files through intra-company data transformation and business processes that connect systems and data collection devices.

Customer Successes

“They fixed our EDI system and got us operational again.”

“They fixed our EDI system and got us operational again.”

While transitioning to BizLink, human error marred the mapping process, resulting in angry business partners and mounting chargebacks. Remedi’s remote consultants resolved the mapping debacle, trained a new EDI Coordinator, and completed the transition to BizLink.

The result: 83% increase in data accuracy, no more chargebacks, greater distribution channels, and reduced operational costs. Read More

“EDI is the lifeblood of our business, and Remedi helps us keep it flowing.”

“EDI is the lifeblood of our business, and Remedi helps us keep it flowing.”

An EDI upgrade was necessary due to a lack of capabilities that made it difficult to map new transactions, resolve issues before they impacted customers, and manage EDI. Remedi implemented the IBM B2B Integrator Framework solution with pre-built business processes, services, and reports.

The result: Quick deployment, enhanced visibility into EDI workloads, reduced time identifying and resolving issues, and improved customer service. Read More