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Our Niche

REMEDI was founded in 1994 as an EDI consulting company.  We filled a gap for experienced consultants that could map and setup trading partners reliably and quickly.  Since that time, we have grown to an integration company with broad knowledge in integration, both with external trading partners and internal systems.  We pride ourselves in the integrity of our company and our employees, and doing one thing...integration...awesomely.

Our Mission, Vision, Core Values


"To become THE company people call for business and system integration solutions in the United States.”


“To provide clients uniquely designed business and system integration solutions that are meaningfully differentiated.”

Core Values

  • Integrity – We value honesty and strong moral principles in personal and professional relationships.
  • Strong Work Ethic – We work hard on what's important taking ownership for a quality result.
  • Teamwork – We work toward a common vision. There are no positional boundaries.
  • Competitive – We strive to be recognized as the best at what we do.
  • Coachable – We are willing to learn and try things that can lead to success.

April Watts, Client Relations Specialist, speaks about REMEDI's vision, mission, and the core values that are important to her.

Our Team

Tracy Loetz
Founder & CEO

Tracy and Emma


I started REMEDI based on a need I saw in the industry at the time...quality EDI resources.  Although EDI was supposed to die quite a while ago, we continue to see a need.  While the products and technologies have changed over time, the integration skills have not, and I believe we do it best.  

Although my title is CEO, I wear many different hats, and have the luxury of getting to do a little bit of everything.  I'm somewhat of a organization nerd, and still like to get involved with the technical side of the business.

I have a passion for helping others and volunteer regularly.  I am married to Brad (REMEDI's Prez) and have two teenage boys.  

Brad Loetz

Brad playing hockey


As a former integration technologist turned REMEDI President, I love the fact that our organization helps clients with integration initiatives, much like I did when working in corporate America in the 90s.  The great part is the impact these days is much greater than as an individual contributor back then, due to the incredible REMEDI team that has been built here over the years.  Since my early days in IT, I always felt a great sense of accomplishment in making the companies I worked for operate more efficient, effective, profitable, and competitive in part through the EDI systems and products that I designed and managed.  Though more indirectly, and with contributions of many likeminded individuals, I still feel this way today about what we regularly accomplish with our clients and their business and data integration needs.

When not juggling the various things required in my role here at REMEDI, I’m a husband to a wonderful wife, father of two boys, son, brother, crossfitter, outdoorsman, hunter, pilot, and after five years, still an aspiring hockey player.  Other things important to me include involvement in our church, volunteering, and serving.    

Scott Hulme
Vice President

Scott skiing with family


I am the Vice President of Services, Sourcing, and Software, and one of the Principals of REMEDI Electronic Commerce Group. After joining the company in 2004, I progressed from business development and account management to overseeing REMEDI's sales and recruiting departments. I spend much of my time helping to facilitate and grow the relationship between REMEDI and IBM.

I have been involved in enterprise software and professional services sales since 2000, and have worked with clients of various sizes across all industries,  including education and government organizations. I am also responsible for coordinating efforts between sales and recruiting within REMEDI to ensure that all their clients' needs are met and their expectations are exceeded. In my spare time at REMEDI, I assist with partnering and marketing initiatives and help shape REMEDI's focus and vision for coming years.

Charley Hughes
Recruiting Manager

Charley piloting


In my current role as Integration Recruiting Manager, I am responsible for recruiting operations and process improvement to ensure that REMEDI consistently identifies and presents top talent for client projects and full time positions. I also oversee the processes by which project based consultants and full-time candidates are professionally vetted and correctly matched for appropriate positions and challenging projects in order to provide both candidates and clients with an exceptional experience.

I joined REMEDI in 2008, in part, because of the company's unique culture. "REMEDI has developed a results driven orientation without sacrificing a family friendly culture that allows a work/life balance where people who have a strong work ethic can thrive. That was clear to see even during my initial interviews with the leadership team. Those factors along with the company's position in the marketplace made the decision to join REMEDI a pretty easy one."

When I am not in front of the computer, on the phone, or interviewing an integration expert, you can find me tinkering with technology close to home, or 5000 feet in the sky enjoying my favorite hobby as a private pilot. I have been married to Amy for 30 years and have two grown sons.

Scott Story


I’m Scott Story, an experienced EDI and B2B integration seller and account manager at REMEDI Electronic Commerce Group for over 9 years. I have 20+ years of enterprise level Information Technology sales experience in software, networking hardware, and telephony. I attended Northern Kentucky University before returning to my hometown of Columbus.

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, watching Ohio State Buckeye football, and I’m an avid fisherman and outdoorsman. 

Kelly Nichols


I have been in IT Recruiting since 2006.  I started out recruiting software and web developers.  I still remember my first placement and the adrenaline rush that I got.  I was hooked because I was helping someone find employment and hearing the joy from the candidate when they accepted.  I stumbled into this career by accident, because I was a psychology major in college.  Since I started in recruiting, I have always been a leader in revenue and placements amongst my peers around the country. 

I found REMEDI in 2010, and they offer EDI placements around North America, not just the boundries around Cincinnati.  REMEDI offers a niche recruiting model to assist clients with placements specifically in their EDI departments.  I enjoy working with my regular consultants that have been with me through thick and thin over the years.  They want the same thing I do, and that is to work with quality experienced professionals.  A lot of the consultants I work with only work with REMEDI, and that shows me that REMEDI is doing the right things in the market.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and traveling.  I am a huge fan of the University of Cincinnati and am a season ticket holder for football and attend many basketball games.  I am also proud to volunteer from a leadership/mentor perspective with my fraternity both locally and nationally. 

Danielle Myers


As a Recruiting Analyst, my day-to-day consists of analyzing data, understanding IT trends, connecting with individuals, and actively sourcing for future positions.  I work with candidates who have recently entered the job market, contractors, or folks who are looking for the next step in their career. I love being able to speak with individuals of different experiences and backgrounds! Part of my job is to understand job requirements of individuals and help place them into a job that matches what they are looking for. One of my favorite things about my job is when a candidate interviews for their “dream role” and gets hired!

April Watts


I bring twenty plus years of professional customer interfacing experience in a variety of industries.  I came on board with REMEDI because, I was referred by a college alumni friend that had also heard about the position, and thought it would be a great fit.  I initially began my career with REMEDI on the Integration Recruiting team and then transitioned over to the Customer Relations team.  In my current role, I enjoy engaging with new prospects, current clients and former clients to find out how our team can facilitate a solution for their tactical and strategical data integration challenges as an IT department, but also in their business.  I am known for developing long-standing business relationships with our clients by building trust and assurance that we are always going to do what’s right for the customer.  I appreciate the culture at REMEDI because it provides a well-orchestrated work/life balance for my family.

When I am not at REMEDI, I enjoy spending time with my husband touring on our Harley Road King, as well as discovering new metro parks throughout Ohio.  We both appreciate quality time with our families, as well serving with our outreach team at church.

Laurie Richards

Laurie Richards


I am a Client Relations Specialist at REMEDI Electronic Commerce Group. Having spent the last 12 years working for companies like Sterling Commerce and IBM before joining REMEDI in January of 2017. I am focused on developing new business relationships and managing existing EDI and Integration projects within the portfolios of Consulting, Training, Managed Services, Software and SaaS. Taking the time to listen to my clients’ business issues before recommending a course of action,and collaborating with them throughout that process, have been keys to my success.

Having both Greek and Italian roots, I love to cook, particularly with my family’s recipes. Although I did not attend Ohio State, I am an avid fan of the Buckeyes. I grew up in Northeast Ohio, but have called Columbus my home for the last 21 years with my husband, Kevin, our two children, and beloved dog Sonny.

Elizabeth Benjamin

Elizabeth Benjamin


I am a Client Relations Specialist at REMEDI Electronic Commerce Group.  I graduated from Ohio University and began my software selling career at Sterling Commerce in 2007.  I have experience in a variety of different EDI/B2B integration solutions, and have had the pleasure of settling into my new home recently here at REMEDI.  I feel very proud to be part of such a strong company that leads with integrity and solidarity, where we value our clients and each other. I pride myself on being a trusted advisor with a passion for providing exceptional customer experience with a relentless focus on clients’ needs.

When I’m not at REMEDI, I’m with my husband and three small children where there is never a dull moment…but many wonderful ones.

Debbie Flickinger

Debbie Flickinger


I joined the REMEDI team in January of 2005 as an Office Assistant, and currently I am the Office Manager/Operations Manager of REMEDI. Prior to working for REMEDI, I was able to complete my Masters of Business Accounting/Computers from Baker College at the same time I was moving to Columbus and raising four kids.  As the Office Manager/operations Manager, I oversee accounts payable and receivables, invoicing customers, processing consultant time and invoices, helping on projects for sales and marketing and just keeping the office running as smooth as I can.  I love to work, and truly enjoy my position at REMEDI. The staff is wonderful, and we have a very comfortable working environment making a pleasure to come to work each day.

When I am not working, I am spending time with my son, Anthony and my husband, Jeff. As a family, we love to travel to different states and countries (mainly by ship) when we can. We do love the beach! It doesn’t matter where the beach is as long as the sun is warm, the waves are crashing, and palm trees are around!

Our Customers

Dave was very knowledgeable of the application and was extremely flexible during the project due to many resource constraints we had on our side. April was very patient and understanding when we needed to reschedule work. Most other consulting companies I have worked with in the past have not been this flexible on this type of project.



Becky provided excellent consulting services and was instrumental in the successful conversion of our Gentran software in a timely and efficient manner.


Derryl did a fantastic job for us and I would highly recommend him and REMEDI for future projects.


Pleased, as always, with the service and consultants REMEDI provides.


Our Story

Whenever you start your own company, you get the question "Why did you decide to start your own company?" I love to answer this question because, although unconventional and not well thought out, it turned out to be a great decision!

Brad_and_TracyI began my EDI career right out of college and loved it from the beginning. There was never anything boring about it, and I got to work with people in all the areas of a company – accounting, sales, etc. as well as people from other companies. My husband, Brad, also worked in the same field…how many couples do you know that come home and talk about segments and elements! After I worked in corporate America for a few years, Brad and I started thinking about having children. We both realized that we wanted to have flexibility in our schedule to be able to spend time with our children – attend school events, sports, etc. At the time we thought it would be great to have our own business, but really weren't sure what kind of business we could start and be successful. We investigated several businesses and kept coming back to something we learned…"do what you know."

During this time of researching possibilities, tragedy struck my family when an aunt passed away at 42 while fighting a battle with cancer. Although I was not very close to her, it made me realize that life is short and can be taken away at any time. Brad and I did not have children yet, and within a few days, I decided it would be a good time to take the giant leap and start an EDI consulting company. Within eight weeks, REMEDI was started.

REMEDI has grown way past my expectations. We have an average of 35 consultants working on 40+ projects all across the United States at any one time, and Brad and I are able to attend all of our childrens' events…just as planned :)

Tracy Loetz – CEO