IBM Gold Business Partner

IBM has been a leader in the business integration software space for over 30 years. Since our formation in 1994, we have served hundreds of clients on thousands of engagements where an IBM and/or Sterling Commerce product has been part of the integration infrastructure.

As an IBM Gold Business Partner, reseller, and preferred professional services provider, we offer market-leading integration and commerce software, SaaS, and consulting solutions that reduce costs, enhance productivity, and solve core integration challenges.

IBM Software Offerings and Expertise

IBM Software Offerings and Expertise

We resell, support, and offer consulting and staffing for the following products:

IBM B2B Integration Training

IBM B2B Integration Training

IBM is no longer providing classroom/virtual training for tools such as B2B Integrator and File Gateway, Gentran, Connect:Direct, etc. Instead, IBM intends to rely on distributors and partners like us to deliver training in whatever form the client requires.

As an IBM Gold Business Partner, we offer product training in an on-site, side-by-side (OJT), virtual side-by-side, and classroom format.

IBM B2B SaaS, Cloud, and Managed Services

Software as a Service is a way for companies to collaborate effectively through the use of flexible cloud solutions. B2B transactions are optimized between trading partners with increased visibility and an infrastructure that supports virtually any partner or format.

Visibility into real time data leads to more informed decisions, benefiting customer collaboration and satisfaction, while trading partners' ability to submit virtually any file type and have it conformed to your EDI standards is a key process in expediting all file transfers from various partners. Once your SaaS is in place, information brokers focus on your transactions in the network so you can continue to focus on core competencies.

As an IBM reseller, we can assist you with any of the following services for Supply Chain Business Network (SCBN) Basic or Premium:

  • Value added network (VAN) - A single, security-rich and reliable connection to virtually all your business partners.
  • Mapping Services - Data maps developed, supported, and tested to your specifications and enables your data to be converted from one format to another.
  • In-Network translation - Run time translation for XML to EDI and EDI to XML, Proprietary data to EDI or XML, EDI or XML to proprietary data, EDI to EDI (including EDI data routed as email attachments), and Flat-file layout to flat-file layout
  • Visibility services - Real-time insight into your B2B operations
  • Document tracking - Provides real-time status of EDI interchanges with ability to restore data at no additional charge.
  • Report visibility - Enables aggregated views of total document activity by business unit useful for internal and external data usage analysis.
  • Document visibility - Provides business users with real time status of business documents, such as purchase orders, invoices, and advance ship notices.
  • Event-driven alerts - Non-retrieval alerts - e-mail or fax when critical data isn't picked up by trading partners.