EDI Data Integration and Consulting Services

REMEDI provides project-based consulting and integration resource(s) for projects with a specific deliverable or outcome such as an integration software implementation or the development of specific integration solutions. Our scale in project consulting for our clients ranges from a single (1) integration expert for as little as a week, to as many as eleven (11) integration experts for years at a time. This includes roles such as integration architect, EDI developer, mapper, trainer, project manager, business analyst, on-boarding analyst, and coordinator.

Staff supplementation provides an integration specialist(s) to assist with the day-to-day activities of your internal team. Some companies may not have enough staff to get backlogs under control and this option can provide additional experts to help during those busy times. In terms of scale, we have provided clients with a single (1) integration expert for as little as a week, and as many as seven (7) integration experts for several years.

Software Competencies

Below is a list of popular products in each of our specializations. This is not an exhaustive list, so please inquire about any products not listed….we would be happy to help!



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