5 Important EDI And eCommerce Initiatives For 2012

Posted by Scott Hulme on Jan 5, 2012 11:01 AM

Like many companies, REMEDI is busy putting in motion our company plans for 2012 that we developed in planning sessions in 2011. Many of you may have completed your planning for 2012 or may currently be in planning mode for 2012, which brings me to the question, what are your top 5 EDI and eCommerce initiatives for 2012?Here are 5 very important EDI/eCommerce initiatives that many of our clients are going to tackle in 2012. These are in no particular order but are the 5 initiatives that were the most consistent across everyone that I spoke with late in 2011.
  1. Improve processes and efficiencies within their EDI environment
  2. Upgrade/implement/migrate to new tools that will allow them to improve processes and efficiencies most effectively
  3. Gain better visibility into their eCommerce data and understand better how that data impacts their business
  4. Evaluate/re-evaluate their current EDI application(s) and how it fits into their long-term vision of their corporate eCommerce strategy
  5. Initiate a long term eCommerce strategy and investigate and understand how new EDI/eCommerce technologies impact that strategy both now and into the future
calendarIt was interesting to hear how important it was for companies to take a look at their own internal environment, evaluate what was working or not working for them currently, and how to improve upon it or simply start over with a new EDI/eCommerce strategy.  It is great to see that companies are moving forward and actively making business-critical, long-term decisions based on the new eCommerce technologies now available.  It seems that EDI is finally entering a new level of acceptance within business units of companies and is now being recognized as a critical, strategic piece of the eCommerce puzzle.

I would love to hear feedback about your top 5 EDI/eCommerce initiatives for 2012.  Please feel free to contact me directly at shulme@remedi.com.

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