5 Reasons One Company Has Partnered With Remedi

Posted by Dave McCray on Aug 14, 2019 4:59 PM

5 Reasons One Company Has Partnered With REMEDI

Remedi has been in business for 25 years now. I'm glad to say that I've been part of the Remedi team for 22 of those years. From the time I started at Remedi until now I have been working with only one client.

I recently started thinking about the reasons why this partnership has lasted so long but quickly realized that what I really wanted to know was what the client thought of this partnership. So I asked what they thought the benefits were to having Remedi as their EDI managed services partner and here are the five reasons they provided:

  • One stop shop - Remedi can take an EDI request from start to finish which allows our resources to work on other projects.
  • Accurate and timely – Because Remedi consultants are EDI experts we know that the process is being done correctly and quickly
  • Since Remedi knows our EDI system (Gentran:Server UNIX) we can rely on them to perform upgrades, configure our system for maximize efficiency, and aid in projects related to EDI system, such as our application SAP system upgrades
  • Having Remedi handle all 1st level EDI support is a huge time saving action. This way we only have to handle level 2 support. Meaning our folks can focus on project work and not support work
  • Partnering with Remedi has allowed us to reduce the number of in-house EDI personnel because they understand our processes and businesses

There you go…right from the customer’s mouth. As with most things in life we have our hunches, but it is always best to have assumptions validated from customers, trading partners, or in any of the relationships we have.

In my particular instance, I think it is somewhat unheard of for a resource like myself to serve the same client for 22 years in an EDI managed services capacity. With great heads down working relationships, people sometimes forget to seek certain types of feedback, so I’m glad I asked.

I also think it is rare for many firms to have served a client for 25 years like Remedi has with this particular client. In fact, the original contract with this client was the engagement that launched Remedi 25 years ago.

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