Work - Life Balance

Posted by Dave McCray on Oct 10, 2014 3:50 PM

My entire career has been in the IT world. For the most part very structured and orderly. From my beginning as an application programmer to my current role as an EDI Analyst I've had to follow disciplined rules in order to reach the desired results. These rules have helped me establish a good work - life balance.

In my personal life I officiate high school basketball and volleyball. In these professions I not only have to follow rules but I also have to enforce them. I believe the focus and attention to detail in both my professional life and my officiating help me to excel in both. By concentrating on the details of my daily job I can alleviate the anxiety of a high level basketball game or volleyball match I may have that evening. And when I'm on the court officiating I'm so focused on the players that I forget about any and all stressors I may have had during the day.Basketball_Ref

There are several factors when you consider a good work - life balance and you have to manage the following life factors:

  • Time - Make optimal use of your day and the resources available to you
  • Stress - Multi-tasking can create additional stress, try to focus on one thing at a time
  • Change - Change is constant at home and work, try to adopt new methods to help adapt
  • Yourself - You have to make time for 'you' even thought it may be difficult.
  • Technology - It's ok to put it away.  We live in a 24x7 world with technology, sometimes you just have to turn it off.

Not everyone has officiating to help them forget their work day. I do hope that you have something that allows you to find a balance between your professional life and personal life. This is needed even more today with our high tech, 24 x 7 world.


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