Choose Between Virtual Or On-Premise EDI Software

Posted by Scott Hulme on Jan 12, 2012 11:37 AM

Are you trying to decide between virtual EDI software or an in-house EDI solution? One of the best things about what I do on a daily basis is that I get to talk with clients about their ideas and blueprints for their EDI/eCommerce environments in the near-term and the long-term. This is the time of the year that strategic planning is high on the priority list for companies as they review and evaluate their current situation. One of the questions I am most asked of by clients is what my thoughts are on utilizing software in an in-house installation or a virtual capacity. There are many different flavors to the in- house and virtual possibilities, but for the sake of brevity associated with a blog, let’s use these terms as general terms. In-house referring to having EDI/ eCommerce software on-site, installed within your company’s premises versus virtual referring to EDI/eCommerce software installed outside of your company’s premises or hosted by another company that offers this type of service. As companies evaluate all of the factors that go into this decision, it can lead to quite a difference in opinion within organizations.
downloadAs you dig into the concept of in-house vs. virtual, it becomes apparent that this is not a decision that can be reached quickly.  As in any decision, you start to realize that there are many layers as you begin to evaluate your options.  This is not only a decision that impacts IT but it also impacts many other business units within your organization.  Careful consideration must be taken to understand the difference between the two options and how it will impact your EDI/eCommerce environment in terms of overall control and maintenance of your environment, risk management, trading partner relationships, and return on investment, just to name a few.

The answer to this question is not a simple one, but there is comfort in knowing that there is a solution available for every company based on each company's particular needs.  The advancements made in technology and the options available are growing weekly and yearly.  Be diligent in your process to understand what option is best for your EDI/eCommerce environment and organization.

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