How Can I Improve My B2B EDI/MFT Environment?

Posted by Scott Hulme on Feb 7, 2017 9:48 AM

When speaking with clients, one of the main topics that they are constantly concerned about is the performance of their B2B EDI/MFT environments and if they are operating at optimal levels of processing capability and efficiency.  They are concerned that their environments are implemented properly to not only support their current volumes and support their current requirements but they want to make sure that they are capable of supporting future growth and new requirements. This ensures that they are maximizing the investment that they have made in their B2B EDI/MFT environments. 

A health check assessment of your environment is the perfect way to evaluate your environment and make sure that yours is operating at maximum performance and efficiency.  Below is a basic outline of what is covered in a REMEDI health check assessment and what you can expect to be addressed and delivered as a result of the service. 

Health Check Assessment Service

  • Remote:
    • Preparation for site visit:  review implementation and product maintenance history, solution designs, support logs, etc…
  • Onsite:
    • Introduction:  Health Check Assessment objectives, current deployment status, risk areas, assessment expectations and plan
    • Review of expectations from deployed solution
    • Deployed solution review
    • Review of processes, customizations, and integrations
    • Deployment architecture
    • Internal review
    • Review of changes to business and technical requirements
    • Service configuration and schedule review
    • Production system measurement
    • Risk review
    • Internal review
  • Remote/Onsite:
    • Health Check Assessment document preparation, review, and presentation

Want to give yourself peace of mind that your B2B EDI/MFT environment is implemented properly, operating at peak performance, and maximizing your return on investment that you have made in your environment?  REMEDI follows this simple plan in a comprehensive Health Check Assessment engagement to help clients achieve a B2B EDI/MFT environment that is operating at its fullest potential.  Please feel free to give us a call to see how we can help.



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