Industry Specific Requirements and Their Impact on Business and System Integration

Posted by Scott Hulme on Aug 25, 2016 2:32 PM

I recently attended an EDI enablement session that included a Remediclient as a speaker addressing how industry specific requirements impact his company's EDI and integration environments.  The client is in the distribution industry, of which EDI is the backbone to any company in that industry that wants to meet the demands of its customers and various trading partners.  These demands include doing everything that they do faster, more effectively, and cheaper than their competitor to ensure excellent relationships with their customers and trading partners while maintaining as much profitability in a razor-thin margin industry.  
By implementing EDI and developing an integration strategy across various departments including IT, customer service, warehousing, and business units, they have been able to grow their business at an accelerated rate and become a leader in the distribution industry.  Implementing EDI has impacted everything from the way that their business is structured organizationally to how distribute their products.  It made them take a step back and review all of the processes that they had in place previously and how implementing EDI would require them to become more efficient in all phases of their distribution model.  It had such an impact on them that they even had to develop the most effective routes for their forklifts to drive through their warehouses to pick, pack, and fulfill orders the most efficient way possible. 

Each industry has its own industry specific requirements that uniquely impact businesses in that industry.  From telecoms to distributors to manufacturers to financial organizations and everything in between, every business has unique business and system integration requirements that require them to effectively and efficiently support them or they will be left behind their competitors in that industry.  Are you supporting your industry specific requirements the best way possible with the most modern and sophisticated integration systems or are you trying to get by and hang on with antiquated technology and processes?  We can help you put together a strategy to support your industry specific integration requirements and dominate your competition.  With over 22 years in business and system integration experience specifically involving EDI, MFT and data integration technologies, we are experts in helping businesses in each industry reach their technology and business goals and become leaders in their industry. 

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