Learning To Piece Together The Puzzle

Posted by admin on Jun 3, 2014 1:50 PM

I often sit and listen to clients talk about their EDI environments – sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad.  What I find most important during these conversations is ensuring I understand everything they have and the direction they are heading.  

To obtain this key information, you must ask a lot of questions.  It may take several conversations before earning the trust of the client so they may provide you with many details, but evenutally you get there. 


Here at REMEDI, I have a set of questions I ask almost each client.  I like to explain to the client that it’s like piecing together a puzzle so you can see the whole picture.

My client conversations are with companies who are reviewing competitive products, wanting to replace exisiting solutions, upgrade to next level of products, new to EDI or require services to support their current environment.  Depending on which scenario will depend on what questions I begin with.  If I do my job right and have asked the right questions, understand the problem and how they want to solve it, then I can be able to focus my attention on the solution to their needs. 


It’s important to have an understanding of products and solutions that you are presenting to the client as they expect you to have expertise.  This improves earning credibility with them and may be a differentiation from competitors.  I like to find out what my prospect’s ideal solution and needs look like.  I try not to focus on competitive vendors and focus more on what they are really after and how my proposed solution fits. 

At REMEDI, I am able to offer software demos, deep dive technical conversations, presentations and other collateral to ensure the client understands the proposed solution.  I want them to feel good about their decision and not purchase something which goes right to the shelf.  Typically, I find that the client also requires services to assist with knowledge transfer and configuration so they are able to be self sufficient.    

I am a true believer in ensuring that I develop relationships with my clients so when they have an EDI need or situation, they will come back and review it with me. 

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