Press Release:  Ohio-based Integration and Electronic Commerce Company Announces New Logo, Expansion of Services

Posted by Dave Reyburn on Jul 20, 2020 11:48 AM

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Columbus, OH, July 21, 2020 07:00 EST With resurgent cases of Covid-19 causing fresh challenges for some of the company’s customers, Remedi Electronic Commerce Group president Brad Loetz wondered if it was the right time to announce the re-branding of the firm founded by he and his wife in 1994.

“We’re excited about the new logo and look for sure,” said Loetz, “but we didn’t want to sound tone deaf at a time like this.”

Ultimately Loetz decided that announcing the new visual identity now would be the ideal opportunity to explain how Remedi has expanded beyond EDI to support the varied integration and ecommerce needs of customers for whom the world has permanently changed.

“We were already well into the process of evolving our services and branding when the coronavirus erupted and upended everybody’s plans,” Loetz recalls.

“Overnight, supply chain strategies like adding APIs to EDI, MFT, and EAI systems took on a whole new level of urgency. Suddenly we were knee deep in requests from companies who needed to pivot right now, needing digital connectivity to new partners, platforms, and online marketplaces.”

Company founder and CEO Tracy Loetz agrees.

“In the early days of Remedi we focused exclusively on EDI systems because they delivered pretty dramatic savings in things like fine avoidance or losses from mistakes that used to happen with manually created and distributed POs and invoices.

“The benefits of EDI are still awesome, she explains, “but as companies grow, they look for ways technology that supports integration and ecommerce—especially the B2B side of it— can remove friction and make them easier to do business with. More and more, that means supporting B2B businesses’ move to online channels.”

With EDI accounting for 7 trillion dollars’ worth (78.4%) of all B2B electronic sales in 2019, EDI solutions, software, and staffing remains Remedi’s focus for now. Yet, Brad Loetz understands his company, now entering its 26th year, is witnessing and facilitating behavior change that’s reshaping how B2B customers interact with companies.

“We’re seeing that B2B buyers, regardless of age, prefer to place orders digitally because it’s so much faster and more convenient. Coupled with the sudden shift to online marketplaces during the early days of the pandemic, our clients are finding they’ve had to up their integration game to encompass online marketplaces, e-procurement systems, cloud and hybrid applications.”

As the company’s expertise has grown, they’ve expanded their offerings. Today, Remedi designs and deploys solutions under an umbrella of modern integration tools that include not only EDI but MFT, EAI, and API components.  

Says Loetz, “The expectations and demands on integration teams are increasing. We’re here to help them deliver, and help their companies succeed.

Remedi’s new visual identity and tagline, ”Accelerating Opportunity,” lets customers and prospects know that, like them, the company is adapting to the swiftly evolving landscape of ecommerce, business, and system integration.

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Remedi Electronic Commerce Group helps companies save time and money, provide a better customer experience, and quickly respond to new opportunities using integration and B2B ecommerce solutions built for a digitally driven economy.