Ready, Set, Stop!

Posted by Scott Hulme on Jan 21, 2016 10:42 AM

Wow!  That was fast!  2015 and the year end holidays were a blur and are over.  We are now full speed ahead into 2016.  Many organizations spent the end of 2015 wrapping up their initiatives so that they could approach 2016 with a clean slate and start to plan for all of the new projects and challenges that a new year brings.  Many organizations are also evaluating the previous year and taking stock of where they are starting out 2016. 

I have been sready_set_stop.jpgpeaking with a number of organizations who are evaluating their internal eCommerce environments and are amazed at the amount of growth they have experienced over the course of the past year.  Many have increased the amount of trading partners that they are doing business with and with that comes increased volume.  Others have implemented new requirements to support requests from internal customer service departments and other business units.  Many times, all of this growth goes unaccounted for as EDI departments are immersed in the day to day activity of meeting trading partner demands and servicing their internal colleagues. 

This is the perfect time of year to stop and reflect on the past year and what affect it has had on your environment.  Taking the time to perform a health check and assessment of your environment can well position you for even greater success in 2016 by optimizing your environment and preparing it for the increased volume and demands that the past year placed on it.  REMEDI has been evaluating our clients' integration environments to make sure that they are running at peak performance and that they are being utilized to their fullest potential.  If you are ready to stop and evaluate your environment, please feel free to give us a call.  We will be happy to provide our health check and assessments utilizing industry best practices so that you can know that you are starting 2016 with a finely tuned and pristine environment. 

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