Social Media Hysteria

Posted by Scott Hulme on Nov 23, 2010 9:47 AM

As REMEDI finalizes its marketing plans and initiatives for 2011, it is apparent that the effect of social media on marketing is here to stay. From Twitter to Facebook to LinkedIn and all of the other social media newcomers and yet-to-bes, there is no denying that social media is having a major impact on marketing, even when it comes to business to business marketing. At a recent conference that I attended, I heard some staggering facts. Email and text messaging are already on the decline in usage with certain demographics and that some colleges and universities no longer issue email addresses to students, instead advising them to set up Facebook and Twitter accounts to communicate with their professors and fellow students. I was stunned!

social-networkREMEDI would appreciate any suggestions that you have in regards to the topics that you would like to see covered on our Facebook page, blog, or even our bi-monthly newsletter. If you do have a suggestion, please feel free to email me at But, don't be surprised if our next bi-monthly newsletter scheduled to be released in December is already considered out of vogue or if my email address has been replaced by my new, yet-to-be-created Facebook page. Because, as we all know, email is so 2009!

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