The Significance of Saying Thank You

Posted by April Watts on Dec 28, 2015 11:00 AM

We have just passed the mid-year point. This can be a very busy time of year for all of us with companies focusing on vacation coverage, re-assessing their budget and wrapping up 3rd and 4th quarter projects by the end of the year. This is also the time of the year that most of our clients are reflecting on how the first six months has impacted their business in order to propel them to greater heights in the remainder of the year, so they can finish strong!

At REMEDI, our clients are and have always been the oxygen and life blood of our business. As we embark on our 24th year, we want to publicly thank all of our clients that have helped us reach new mountain tops in our “niche” based focus of EDI, B2B, MFT and Commerce industries. We acknowledge that without our clients, REMEDI wouldn’t exist.

Thomas Wilder shared that "We can only be said to be truly alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures".

There is a global hunger for gratitude and everyone wants to be appreciated. Have you considered being a Magnificent Masterful Thanker? Ken Blanchard who authored the book “The One Minute Manager" which sold over 13 million copies and has been translated into 37 languages has co-authored “The New One Minute Manager” with Spencer Johnson. In their book, they discuss with “the exponential rise of technology, global flattening of markets, instant communication and corporate workforces to do more with less, people are looking for acknowledgement and sincere appreciation.”

Fotolia_81967510_XS.jpgRecoginize the importance of taking time to acknowledge the people that have helped make a positive impact in your life and assisted in taking your business to the next level. An authentic and meaningful “Thank You” can have a ripple effect for years to come.

REMEDI welcomes the opportunity to serve your EDI, B2B and MFT needs.

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