What Drives EDI in Your Organization, IT or Business?

Posted by Scott Hulme on Nov 13, 2015 1:00 PM

It is interesting to me the diversity in the titles of the people I speak with that deal with EDI at different companies.  From EDI Analysts, EDI Managers, EDI Directors, CIOs to CFOs, VPs of Sales, Business Development Managers, and Business Analysts, they are all affected by EDI one way or another.  They have all become involved in my conversations with companies that are in the process of architecting, planning, or evaluating their EDI environment. 

meeting-around-tableGone are the days when EDI was simply lumped in with the IT Department and rarely had representation or consideration at the C-Level Executive Roundtable.   Today, with the escalating importance of eCommerce to companies' bottom lines, EDI is relied upon to increase efficiencies, protect company/consumer data security, and drive revenues.  Therefore, EDI now has a place at that roundtable and is heavily leveraged and relied upon to help shape a company's eCommerce strategy. 

Whether it be integration with a company's internal applications or integration with a company's external business partners, the impact of EDI is clearly emerging from the shadows of some of its IT big brothers.  The revolutionary and expanding capability of EDI technology in the industry continues to evolve and allow for EDI to increase its visibility and importance within a company's eCommerce initiatives.  So, what is the answer to the question, what drives EDI in your organization, IT or Business?  I believe it is driven by both; a blending of both areas of a company that need to work together to create and execute an EDI and business strategy that helps support an organization's initiatives.  This is quite a difference from past years and decades and has been a long time coming.

As always, I welcome your feedback or comments.  I can be reached at shulme@remedi.com.

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