3 Great Reasons to Modernize Your Data Integration Architecture

Posted by Brooke Lester on Sep 25, 2018 4:39 PM

3 Great Reasons to Modernize Your Data Integration Architecture

Data integration powers the modern enterprise. It enables companies to derive valuable insights from their information. However, you can only do that if you have the right data integration solution.

Today’s enterprise needs a modern data integration architecture to handle the information coming into companies. Without a modern data integration solution, you simply cannot remain competitive. Read on for the three reasons you must update your data integration architecture.

Reason 1: Big Data Velocity and Volume

The amount of data humans produce is growing at a breakneck pace. Between 2015 and 2017, 90 percent of data in the entire world was created.

It is easier than ever before to generate information. Back in the late 1990s, it could take weeks to write and research an article, then submit it to an editor for publication. In today’s world, you could publish a blog post on LinkedIn in under an hour if you are so inspired. If you are pressed for time, write a tweet; 456,000 tweets are published on Twitter every minute.

“Over the course of two years, 90 percent of the world’s data was created”

You need a data integration platform to handle the volume and the velocity of data coming in. A modern data integration solution can handle large amounts of data at high speeds.

Reason 2: The Internet of Things

Part of what is contributing to the volume of information is the Internet of Things. Networked devices now range from televisions to refrigerators to factory equipment. And they are all sending data back to servers.

These networked devices must integrate with IoT platforms, mobile apps, cloud platforms, and business applications such as CRM solutions and field service software. Legacy data integration tools cannot withstand that challenge – they are brittle and require manual scripting. Modern data integration solutions can cope with IoT sensor information.

Reason 3: Complex and Distributed Data

This post has touched upon how there is more data than ever before, thanks in part to IoT. However, the nature of today’s data differs from in years past, too; it is distributed and more complex.

Normally, information would need to move across the network to be integrated. That causes bottlenecks, though. Modern data integration architecture allows you to process data where it lives, so it need not move across the network and lead to virtual traffic jams.

“Modern data integration architecture processes data where it lives to prevent traffic jams”

In addition, modern data integration architecture allows you to leverage the strengths of each of your platforms. For example, Hadoop does not do speedy queries well, but it is highly scalable. With modern data integration tools, you can make use of those benefits locally and then distribute the workload efficiently.

The enterprise is never going to revert to a state in which it does not rely upon massive amounts of diverse information. That is why you need modern data integration architecture. To learn more about how to modernize your data integration architecture as seamlessly as possible, contact us today.

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